Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - WRs

Here's part deux of the Sunday double-header:

Part 4 – Wide Receivers
Time to turn our attention to the wide-outs and the wide range of salaries afforded the top 10 receivers from 2007. If you’re planning on running a West Coast or Fun’N’Gun offense, you’ll need a fleet of receivers, making a bargain among them all the more crucial.

Let’s start at the top – yeah Jennings has a different gun slinging to him this year, but he’s going for less than half of what the other top-10 receivers are going for at just $3.4M. He sports a whopping $37.6 FP/$M value, so pick him up for a top-20 price, and be pleasantly surprised if he manages to stay in the top 10.

It seems like there are still some non-believers as far as Edwards goes, so if you think he’ll be healthy and can reproduce – he should make for a solid bargain target in your league, going for a million or two less than comparable receivers.
#Wide RecieverTmMin$Avg$FP/GFP/M
1Jennings, G.GBP1.53.49.837.6
2Edwards, B.CLE2.57.210.523.3
3Moss, R.NEP4.510.214.522.7
4Burress, P.NYG2.06.27.921.8
5Johnson, Ch.CIN2.57.08.419.1
6Houshmandzada, T.J.CIN2.07.38.618.9
7Owens, T.DAL3.59.411.618.5
8Wayne, R.IND2.
9Fitzgerald, L.ARI2.
10Colston, M.NOS2.08.08.617.1
The fashionable picks this year appear to be Wayne, Fitzgerald, and Colston, so don’t look to them for deals. But good ‘ol Plaxico seems to gettable for a very reasonable $6M in many leagues, and a soft bid might snag him for you for a bargain.

But perhaps the biggest story here is Moss. The most expensive WR is also one of the best values? Que? It’s true if you think he’ll come ever close to his epic ’07 campaign. Scoring roughly 50% more than the rest of the field but commanding only 10% more salary, he would be worth every penny even with a sizable drop off in 2008. Basically, if someone else in your league signs Randy Moss for less than $10M, I’m going to show up at your door step and beat you with a rubber hose.
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Bargain Hunt '08 - FBs

Having missed a day, we'll throw out a two-fer on this middle-of-the-long-weekend Sunday afternoon. Woot woot!

Part 3 - Fullbacks
For our third bargain-hunting installment we turn to the underappreciated fullback. They’re so underappreciated that last years’ FP total seems to be the only real guide for most users. As a result, top point-getters like Leonard and Jones aren’t at the top of the list. However, neither is Heath Evans who might be the most intriguing fullback on the list. On a high-powered, multi-faceted offense, he’ll get some scores, and you just might be able to snag him for a million bucks.

If you are happy with “something” for “nothing”, you should be able to land the likes of Davis and Griffith for the league minimum, yet they should be able to pull down a point or two a game and aid your Power or Classic Run offenses.
The caveat here, of course, is the lack of depth at fullback, so if you need that piece for a smash-mouth scheme, you might have to pony-up if you want Leonard, Jones, or Weaver.

1Davis, Ca.PIT0.50.51.343.0
2Griffith, J.OAK0.50.51.335.0
3Evans, H.NEP1.
4Weaver, L.SEA0.
5Leonard, B.SLR1.52.44.528.0
6Sellers, M.WAS1.01.32.627.8
7Vickers, La.CLE0.
8Jones, G.JAC1.02.13.726.3
9Leach, V.HOU0.50.91.424.4
10Karney, M.NOS0.50.81.323.3

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New GDR Pages Launched

Be sure to checkout the newly launched GameDayRitual user pages.

Checkout the top users at based on success, experience and activity on the community > top users page.

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And search for users by login on the community > users page.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - HBs

Part 2 – Halfbacks
We began our data-driven series of ‘articlettes’ yesterday looking at bargain quarterbacks, and today we’ll take a look at the halfbacks. The top 10 HBs last year sport a range in average salaries from $3.8M all the way up to $14.4M for top dog LT – but amongst often comparable FP/G rates, so it seems like some deals may be afoot.

Topping our list of top Fantasy Point per Million (FP/$M) backs is Earnest Graham, for whom early talk of a Tampa Running-Back-By-Committee might have tempered salary offers. But he’s at the top of the team depth chart and could be a steal at $4M dollars or less. He’s followed by Lewis who seems like a perpetually unexciting choice, but posted $10FP/G again last year and can be had for $4.5M on average.

The fashionable selections of Peterson and Tomlinson are obviously at the bottom of the value list, but the sweet-spot on this list might be the middle 4-5-6 run of Portis, Westbrook, and Addai. In Portis you get a bargain back for under $6.0M who has once been amongst the elite, while in Addai and Westbrook you get excellent backs sporting 11+ FP/G who lose a little limelight to their more media-followed QBs, but come at a price point of only about $8M as a result.

1Graham, E.TBB1.03.88.736.8
2Lewis, Ja.CLE2.04.510.133.2
3James, Ed.ARI1.53.87.832.8
4Portis, C.WAS2.05.79.627.1
5Westbrook, Br.PHI3.
6Addai, J.IND2.08.311.320.4
7Lynch, M.BUF1.06.19.520.3
8Barber, M.DAL2.07.88.918.2
9Peterson, Ad.MIN1.59.711.717.0
10Tomlinson, L.SDC7.014.414.216.7

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - QBs

Bargain hunting is tough going in fantasy sports. For each pro player, there is often at least one fanboy in your fantasy league who is willing to blow an early pick or spend copious amount in order to acquire that gotta-have star. But deals are out there. Players who have lost a step, or even just their luster can be had if you know where to look.
This piece is the first in a series of short articles we’ll be publishing, position-by-position, in which we compare a player’s performance the previous season with their going rate in 2008 – looking for good return on investment all the while. Specifically we’ll take the top 10 players at each position and list them by Fantasy-Point-Per-Million (FP/$M) dollars using the average salaries these guys are going for at

Part 1 – Quarterbacks
The Favre saga mostly behind us, it seems everyone is unsure about his future, even though we finally know where he’ll be playing. He boasts the highest FP/$M of the top ten ’07 QBs. So if you think he’ll produce anything like he did last year – the aging gunslinger can be had for just $6.1M on average. For even less, (but no less experience) you can gamble on Kurt Warner, who is going for just $4.7M. But if you’d like someone younger, but who clearly hasn’t sold the market on his talent yet, look no further than Derek Anderson who averaged 20FP/G but is just asking $5.4M on average.

In the lost-the-luster department, you might find a deal in Hasslebeck and Palmer this year. Both sport FP/G in the 24’s and can be had for under $10 in most leagues. But if you want to break the bank and go top-shelf, the numbers say skip Manning and Brees, and pony-up for Tom Terrific, who, while down on the list, is surprisingly not amongst the bottom two values despite his other-worldly 2007 campaign.

# Quarterback Tm Min$ Avg$ FP/G FP/$M
1 Favre, B. GBP 4.5 6.1 26.4 68.9
2 Warner, K. ARI 2.5 4.7 22.8 68.4
3 Anderson, De. CLE 2.0 5.4 20.0 59.0
4 Hasselbeck, M. SEA 4.0 7.3 24.2 53.1
5 Palmer, C. CIN 5.5 8.1 24.6 48.4
6 Romo, T. DAL 4.5 10.3 28.3 43.9
7 Roethlisberg, B. PIT 4.0 9.0 26.1 43.6
8 Brady, T. NEP 10.5 16.6 40.4 39.0
9 Brees, D. NOS 7.0 12.2 29.7 38.9
10 Manning, P. IND 7.0 14.3 27.9 31.2
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Football Season One Week Away

With just one week to go until the kickoff of the NFL season, is starting final preparations.  But there's still time to get in there, get a team or league started up and get in on the action for 2008!

A reminder of the promotions that we're running for the 2008 Fantasy Football season.

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All Returning Leagues: $199.95

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To get started today, head to the shop, create your account or login and enjoy!

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Tricking Out GameDayRitual's Footer

You may, or may not, have noticed that we've taken a couple of steps to trick out GDR's footer. Namely, we've added RSS feed icons and links to make subscription to GDR's blogs that much easier, added 'Add This' functionality and added a link to our group on Facebook.

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Enjoy! And look out for more related services coming soon...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GDR Advisory Group Forming is forming a User Advisory Group. Please find more details in our forum post here:

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