Friday, February 29, 2008

2008 Baseball Champion's League Invites Sent

The invitations have hit the street for the 2008 Baseball Champion's Leagues.  Two sets of invitations have been sent - one to returning Champion's and one to the new Champion's of 2007 leagues.  If you think you should have gotten one, but haven't , its possible that we either missed you, or your email address was out of date.  If that's the case, drop us a line at and we'll take a look at your case.

The league rule-set for the Champion's Leagues in 2008 will remain the same as for 2007, and can be found here.

We will be aiming to start the 2008 Champion's League FABs during the week of March 10th, so its time to start sharpening up those pencils!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Baseball 2008 Launches!

Hello GameDayRitual nation!  We're up and running for Baseball 2008.  Click here to get started for 2008.

Here's a quick run down of what's new for 2008.

New Look Site

You'll notice immediately that we've got a whole new look and feel for 2008.  We've given our site a very significant overhaul both in the front and in the back shop in order to enable us to offer you even more for 2008, so its not just a new look we're after.  Stay tuned for those exciting developments as the year progresses.

GM Rating Off-season Reset

We've added a couple of new options for the off-season GM Rating reset - these will come into effect for the start of the 2009 season, but are league options for 2008.  First, the commissioner can now set the range over which the GM Ratings will be compressed for the new season.  This used to be fixed at 40<-->60, but can now be fully configured by the commissioner.  Second, a league now has the option to award the playoff teams and champions with an GM Rating boost for the next season.  If the option is selected, the league champion will receive a 10 point boost for the next season and the playoff teams will receive 5 point boosts.  More props for playoff teams.

Declining MinSal

The minimum salary of players will now decline during the season.  This means that the ageing super star with a $5.0M MinSal will start to drop their demands as the season goes on in a bid to get into the game.  The decrease will happen at a rate of $0.5M every two weeks once the regular season starts.  This will continue until the player's MinSal reaches either half of their original MinSal, or $1.0M - whichever is higher.

Signup and Activate Now!

Head to our website, create an account, login and get the season rolling!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Baseball 2008 Player Database

With just over a week until pitchers and catcher report, we've released the first drop of our 2008 Player Database.  You can find Excel and CSV versions at these links.

Click here for XLS version

Click here for CSV version

You should note that at this point, this is still in draft, and a final version will be released before we launch for the 2008 season.  You should also note that while the minimum salary values are up to date, the player team data is only current as of the end of the 2007 season and does not yet reflect off-season player movements.

Enjoy the data, and feel free to drop a post in our forum if you see any funnies or other inaccuracy, noting that a mass update of MLB teams is planned.