Sunday, September 28, 2008

Waiving Players During the FAB

GDR user Koll recently asked:

Can you explain why so many teams in this leagues waived players during the FAB?

I understand they get more money and years, but how does that work and why doesn't everyone do it?

Here's a quick run-down:

When you waive a player during the FAB, they don't count against your FAB budget in terms of cash, year or PB/NT clauses.  So people will put a player on waivers later in the FAB when they are low on cash, years and/or PB/NTs.

Most people will then put a waiver claim on the player they just waived, and often end up re-claiming them after the end of the waiver period. Once they are re-claimed, so long as your FAB is over, then they will count against the regular season cash limit (+$10M), years limit (no-limit, but all contracts are 1Y when signed during the regular season) and PB/NT limit (no limit).

The risk here is that you put a player on waivers, and they get claimed by another GM.  This is especially risky for good players and/or players with good contracts.  So that's the counter-weight to this move.  This also means that this move can be particularly effective with 'bubble players' who might be carrying big contracts who you're willing to risk losing, but don't want to lose outright.

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Cheesehawk said...

I'm going to have to disagree that this should be allowed.

By doing this it allows GM's to completedly certumvent the $100.0\50Y\3NT FAB cap. If that is what the limits are, then they should be enforced.

Yes there are risks, but as someone who has used this strategy since 2006 when it was first allowed, I'm always assuming hoping the player will be claimed.

This is a suggested solution and it can be carried into the regular season. Update the waiver system. If the intent of waive is to float the player to see if they will be claimed then why does is make sense that they get half the salary immediately.

A new waiver option of waive-reclaim could be added. With this option, all other teams, in waiver order gets a chance at the player. If claimed, completely off the books. If not claimed, stays on the team.

This could also be used to send players to the minors who are out of options although a third choice could be added. Waive-send to minors which wouldn't cost 3 GMR points. If unclaimed, the player goes straight to the minors.