Monday, September 01, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - TEs

Part 5 – Tight Ends
The two-pack yesterday proved popular, and with the season approaching, we’re going to keep the momentum going with another double threat today.

The Tight End position has developed into a deep one the last couple of years with players like Witten and Gates joining the elite tier previous occupied only by Gonzalez. With depth here, it makes finding a bargain that much more imperative.
Though a healthy Marvin Harrison will reclaim some touchdowns from Clark, he is still going for an under-appreciated rate of $3.5M sporting the highest FP/G of the group. And for slightly less you should be able to score Cooley who still has some upside and he and his QB Jason Campbell mature together.

But for the bargain-bargains, take a look at Lee, Miller, and Watson, depending on whether you think losing Favre, playing alongside Limas Sweed, or coming off a career year and injury are the most worrisome respectively.

On the flipside avoid Gates and Winslow if you are running low on cash and hoping to economize, and keep an eye on the Denver depth chart for an intriguing option in Scheffler.
#Tight EndTmMin$Avg$FP/GFP/M
1Lee, D.GBP0.51.44.346.4
2Miller, H.PIT1.01.64.944.9
3Watson, B.NEP0.51.84.730.9
4Clark, Da.IND1.53.56.929.4
5Cooley, C.WAS1.53.25.828.8
6Scheffler, T.DEN0.52.24.727.9
7Gonzalez, To.KCC1.53.96.325.6
8Witten, J.DAL1.54.56.723.8
9Gates, A.SDC2.55.86.719.7
10Winslow, K.CLE1.04.95.919.0
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