Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - Ps

With the regular season kicking off tomorrow, it’s time for our Special Teams ‘Olympic TripleCast’ (does anyone remember that?). Let’s get things started with the champions of the drive-gone-wrong: the punters.

Part 10 – Punters
This one’s easy. Shane Lechler is one of the best punters in the game, year-in-year-out, and a slightly depressed ’07 season has him going for near his minimum salary of $1.5M. For that price you’ll get near double the fantasy points per million dollars compare to San Francisco’s Andy Lee who had the misfortune of being the number one punter as a result of his heavy utilization.

You usually want to stay away from punters on good or improving teams, so it won’t be hard to recommend Colquitt, but Plackemeier could see his number diminish (as they did in the second half of ’07 as the team improved on offense).

And let’s look back at Lee again. $4.4M! For a punter. Yikes. Yes – SF looks bad again this year. But they should actually score a few times. Just say no.
1Lechler, S.OAK1.51.78.782.2
2Colquitt, D.KCC1.01.99.781.4
3Plackemeier, R.SEA1.51.88.578.1
4Bidwell, J.TBB2.
5Maynard, B.CHI1.
6Koenen, M.ATL1.
7Baker, J.CAR1.
8Scifres, M.SDC2.52.810.361.8
9Kluwe, C.MIN2.02.79.858.7
10Lee, A.SFF3.04.413.148.3
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