Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - PKs

Part 11 – Place Kickers
Compared to punters, place kickers are downright sexy. They can score points! But who’s worth the dough? That’s the real question.

An excellent deal here is Crosby. The top kicker in 2007, but still one of the cheapest in 2008. For some reason it seems people are anticipating the loss of Favre affecting his ability to put up big numbers again. But the truth is – unless you think Rodgers will be disastrously bad, a ‘slight’ drop in Packers offensive prowess will only help Crosby since more stalled (but not completely impotent) drives should give him more chances.

Suisham might similarly benefit from a Washington offense that could improve to being ‘okay’, while Hanson is attractive for the same reason but has the added benefit of kicking indoors which comes in handy during the winter and playoff season.

We can’t recommend Brown (or any kicker) for $2.5M, but if you can get someone like Bironas for $2.0M or under – it could be a good buy.
#Place KickerTmMin$Avg$FP/GFP/M
1Suisham, S.WAS1.01.48.393.5
2Crosby, M.GBP1.
3Hanson, Ja.DET1.51.98.976.3
4Bironas, R.TEN2.02.29.573.3
5Kaeding, N.SDC1.52.07.966.8
6Gould, R.CHI2.02.28.864.7
7Graham, S.CIN1.52.28.764.2
8Gostkowski, S.NEP1.
9Folk, N.DAL1.
10Brown, J.SLR2.02.59.757.9
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