Monday, September 01, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - OLs

Part 6 – Offensive Lines
Here’s the second installment of today’s ‘Tupac’. Look for a trio of defensive data tomorrow, and special teams on Wednesday.

The nice thing about offensive lines is that they are more consistent on a yearly basis than position players as they a reflection of the entire offense, which changes more slowly than any one player does. This means ‘data-driven’ analyses like this one are even more statistically significant.

Based on this face-value nature, the sweet spot here is probably the Saints OL, which was the 2nd best in 2007, but is the 5th most expensive in 2008. Houston and Tennessee are attractive options, especially and back-up OLs.

Apparently everyone expects the San Diego Offense to reestablish itself as top tier given its 4th-most-expensive price tag in the face of its 10th-best output in 2007. A better option might be Minnesota, whose stock should rise with season-long output from Adrian Peterson.
#Offensive LineTmMin$Avg$FP/GFP/M
1Houston OLHOU1.52.19.774.4
2Tennessee OLTEN1.
3Green Bay OLGBP1.52.810.359.0
4Jacksonville OLJAC2.03.010.355.2
5Minnesota OLMIN1.53.09.551.4
6New Orleans OLNOS2.54.512.544.9
7Cincinnati OLCIN2.03.69.843.8
8New England OLNEP3.05.513.740.1
9Indianapolis OLIND2.54.711.238.5
10San Diego OLSDC2.
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