Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - LBs

And now for the men in the middle. Of the defense, that is. Defensive backs coming up next.

Part 8 – Linebackers
Given the more ‘stable’ nature of the linebacker position, paying ‘asking’ price is a more reasonable affair than at some other positions. But there still are some points to be gleaned from the data.

The top 2 players here (by FP/$M), Williams and Boley, are great deals for $3.0M. In fact Henderson, Harrison and Witherspoon are too. You don’t really start paying for a brand name until you hit Barnett. He and Ryans have some cache , but don’t have the number from 2007 to justify the price tags.

On the flipside, we’re not sure why London Fletcher is going for an even $5M a year, but we wouldn’t pay that ourselves. If you want top tier, Patrick Willis is also going to command top dollar, but for a cool 10 FP/G, he might be worth the $5.5M a week he seems to be going for. Urlacher is going for the same price. Who would you rather have?
1Williams, D..DEN1.03.27.738.2
2Boley, M.ATL1.53.37.938.0
3Henderson, E..MIN1.53.47.836.8
4Harrison, Ja.PIT1.
5Witherspoon, W.SLR1.53.77.933.9
6Barnett, N.GBP1.53.87.732.7
7Ryans, D.HOU1.54.17.931.0
8Willis, P.SFF1.55.69.928.2
9Urlacher, B.CHI2.05.58.825.5
10Fletcher, L.WAS2.05.07.825.0
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