Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - KRs

Well this is it. The last part of our Special Teams day, and the last installment of our 2008 Bargain Hunt. What a long, strange trip it’s been. Okay – strange at least.

Part 12 – Kick Returners
The kick returner. They do nothing, nothing, nothing. And then blammo – they go off – and usually for your opponent. As a result, there are often resolute owners willing to overpay the following season. Don’t be one of them.

There are two routes to a good KR-deal. Pay as little as possible ($0.5M) and take you chances – or – spend more but obtain someone who also plays a regular position so that you can double-dip for your payout. If you go the cheapo route, look no further than Washington, Breaston, and Davis who you very well might be able to snag for the league minimum.

Despite a fine 2007, Cribbs is being overpaid at $2.0M unless you think he can top last season, but Hester and Ginn Jr. might (stress ‘might’) be worth the money if you think you have use for them as receivers as well. McGee is an okay defender and an okay returner, but we’re not sure the combined effect is worth $3.4M a year.
#Kick ReturnerPosTmMin$Avg$FP/GFP/M
1Washington, L.HBNYJ0.
2Breaston, S.WRARI0.50.81.941.3
3Davis, An.WRHOU0.
4Cribbs, J.WRCLE0.52.22.921.1
5Figurs, Y.WRBAL0.
6Hall, Da.WRSLR0.51.02.719.0
7Hester, D.WRCHI0.53.33.315.9
8Sproles, D.HBSDC0.51.71.615.0
9Ginn Jr, T.WRMIA0.
10McGee, T.DBBUF1.
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