Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - DLs

Here’s part one of our defensive player blowout (or part seven overall for you collectors out there).

Part 7 - Defensive Linemen
Let’s start at the top. Or second from the top by 2007 fantasy points. We speak, then, of Patrick Kerney, who was the 2nd best DL in 2007, but us mysteriously 8th in salary amongst the top 10. So unless you shop at the same A&P as Michael Strahan and have inside info on a possible return, we’re going to skip him in our modest discussion and crown Kerney our Sofa King Great Buy of the Week.

As far as middle-tier bargains go – Mario Williams looks like a good buy. Young and talented, he can be had for under $4M on average while still scoring over 6 FP/G in 2007. Plus, there’s upside.

Top DL Jared Allen is overpriced at $6M a year, but he’s available in some leagues for less and may be worth your while if you think he can repeat his 2007 campaign.
#Def. LinemanTmMin$Avg$FP/GFP/M
1Kerney, P.SEA1.
2Strahan, M.NYG1.53.05.430.7
3Dumervil, E.DEN1.03.35.727.3
4Williams, Ma.HOU1.
5Ogunleye, A.CHI1.54.06.325.5
6Vanden Bosch, K.TEN1.54.26.324.1
7Allen, Ja.MIN3.05.89.522.9
8Cole, T.PHI1.
9Taylor, J.MIA2.04.86.320.9
10Umenyiora, O.NYG1.54.96.420.7

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