Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - DBs

Here we go with our last defensive installment, appropriately devoted to the last line of defense. Stay tuned for special teams tomorrow.

Part 9 – Defensive Backs
Compared to say, linebackers, the DB position is more noisy since things like interceptions are more sporadic while tackles, which allow for statistical consistency, are a smaller part of a fantasy DB’s portfolio.

Topping the DB-deal-list by a large margin is Leigh Bodden. A top-15 DB going for a top-25 price at just $2.6M. Chris Harris is a top-10 DB going for a top-20 price and also makes a nice target. And on the upper tier, Cortland Finnegan is a potential top-5 back going for a top-10 price at $3.4M.

At the other end of the spectrum is Trufant, who had a great ’07, but is unlikely to end up at the top of the ’08 field despite the hefty $4.2M salary he is commanding. Atogwe is an interesting case – seems he is a fashionable pick this year – so be careful not to overpay in your league.
#Defensive BackTmMin$Avg$FP/GFP/M
1Bodden, L.DET1.02.66.841.7
2Taylor, I.PIT1.52.86.637.7
3Marshall, R.CAR1.52.96.836.8
4Phillips, J.TBB1.53.06.836.3
5Harris, C.CAR1.
6Finnegan, C.TEN1.53.46.934.7
7Harper, Ro.NOS1.
8Atogwe, O.SLR1.53.36.833.2
9Clements, N.SFF1.
10Trufant, M.SEA1.54.27.528.5
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