Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Football Season One Week Away

With just one week to go until the kickoff of the NFL season, is starting final preparations.  But there's still time to get in there, get a team or league started up and get in on the action for 2008!

A reminder of the promotions that we're running for the 2008 Fantasy Football season.

Teams: $24.95

--> This includes Standard Teams, Pay-Your-Way league teams, and the cost to claim a team from the league classifieds.

New Pre-paid Leagues: $99.95

--> This is a flat rate charge for a new pre-paid league of between 8 and 16 teams.  And as a special bonus, the commissioner will receive a free copy of the Football Prospectus!

Memberships: $59.95 (Gold) and $79.95 (Platinum)

--> With a Gold Membership, users can enjoy unlimited 2008 Fantasy Football teams.  Or you can go the full 9-yards and get a Platinum Membership which entitles you to unlimited 2008 Fantasy Football Teams and 2009 Fantasy Baseball teams.  And with a purchase of either membership, users will receive a free Subscription to!

All Returning Leagues: $199.95

--> New for Football 2008, all returning leagues can renew for a flat rate of $199.95.  This will include the ability to expand or contract your league as you see fit.

To get started today, head to the shop, create your account or login and enjoy!

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