Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - WRs

Here's part deux of the Sunday double-header:

Part 4 – Wide Receivers
Time to turn our attention to the wide-outs and the wide range of salaries afforded the top 10 receivers from 2007. If you’re planning on running a West Coast or Fun’N’Gun offense, you’ll need a fleet of receivers, making a bargain among them all the more crucial.

Let’s start at the top – yeah Jennings has a different gun slinging to him this year, but he’s going for less than half of what the other top-10 receivers are going for at just $3.4M. He sports a whopping $37.6 FP/$M value, so pick him up for a top-20 price, and be pleasantly surprised if he manages to stay in the top 10.

It seems like there are still some non-believers as far as Edwards goes, so if you think he’ll be healthy and can reproduce – he should make for a solid bargain target in your league, going for a million or two less than comparable receivers.
#Wide RecieverTmMin$Avg$FP/GFP/M
1Jennings, G.GBP1.53.49.837.6
2Edwards, B.CLE2.57.210.523.3
3Moss, R.NEP4.510.214.522.7
4Burress, P.NYG2.06.27.921.8
5Johnson, Ch.CIN2.57.08.419.1
6Houshmandzada, T.J.CIN2.07.38.618.9
7Owens, T.DAL3.59.411.618.5
8Wayne, R.IND2.
9Fitzgerald, L.ARI2.
10Colston, M.NOS2.08.08.617.1
The fashionable picks this year appear to be Wayne, Fitzgerald, and Colston, so don’t look to them for deals. But good ‘ol Plaxico seems to gettable for a very reasonable $6M in many leagues, and a soft bid might snag him for you for a bargain.

But perhaps the biggest story here is Moss. The most expensive WR is also one of the best values? Que? It’s true if you think he’ll come ever close to his epic ’07 campaign. Scoring roughly 50% more than the rest of the field but commanding only 10% more salary, he would be worth every penny even with a sizable drop off in 2008. Basically, if someone else in your league signs Randy Moss for less than $10M, I’m going to show up at your door step and beat you with a rubber hose.
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