Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - QBs

Bargain hunting is tough going in fantasy sports. For each pro player, there is often at least one fanboy in your fantasy league who is willing to blow an early pick or spend copious amount in order to acquire that gotta-have star. But deals are out there. Players who have lost a step, or even just their luster can be had if you know where to look.
This piece is the first in a series of short articles we’ll be publishing, position-by-position, in which we compare a player’s performance the previous season with their going rate in 2008 – looking for good return on investment all the while. Specifically we’ll take the top 10 players at each position and list them by Fantasy-Point-Per-Million (FP/$M) dollars using the average salaries these guys are going for at

Part 1 – Quarterbacks
The Favre saga mostly behind us, it seems everyone is unsure about his future, even though we finally know where he’ll be playing. He boasts the highest FP/$M of the top ten ’07 QBs. So if you think he’ll produce anything like he did last year – the aging gunslinger can be had for just $6.1M on average. For even less, (but no less experience) you can gamble on Kurt Warner, who is going for just $4.7M. But if you’d like someone younger, but who clearly hasn’t sold the market on his talent yet, look no further than Derek Anderson who averaged 20FP/G but is just asking $5.4M on average.

In the lost-the-luster department, you might find a deal in Hasslebeck and Palmer this year. Both sport FP/G in the 24’s and can be had for under $10 in most leagues. But if you want to break the bank and go top-shelf, the numbers say skip Manning and Brees, and pony-up for Tom Terrific, who, while down on the list, is surprisingly not amongst the bottom two values despite his other-worldly 2007 campaign.

# Quarterback Tm Min$ Avg$ FP/G FP/$M
1 Favre, B. GBP 4.5 6.1 26.4 68.9
2 Warner, K. ARI 2.5 4.7 22.8 68.4
3 Anderson, De. CLE 2.0 5.4 20.0 59.0
4 Hasselbeck, M. SEA 4.0 7.3 24.2 53.1
5 Palmer, C. CIN 5.5 8.1 24.6 48.4
6 Romo, T. DAL 4.5 10.3 28.3 43.9
7 Roethlisberg, B. PIT 4.0 9.0 26.1 43.6
8 Brady, T. NEP 10.5 16.6 40.4 39.0
9 Brees, D. NOS 7.0 12.2 29.7 38.9
10 Manning, P. IND 7.0 14.3 27.9 31.2
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