Friday, August 29, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - HBs

Part 2 – Halfbacks
We began our data-driven series of ‘articlettes’ yesterday looking at bargain quarterbacks, and today we’ll take a look at the halfbacks. The top 10 HBs last year sport a range in average salaries from $3.8M all the way up to $14.4M for top dog LT – but amongst often comparable FP/G rates, so it seems like some deals may be afoot.

Topping our list of top Fantasy Point per Million (FP/$M) backs is Earnest Graham, for whom early talk of a Tampa Running-Back-By-Committee might have tempered salary offers. But he’s at the top of the team depth chart and could be a steal at $4M dollars or less. He’s followed by Lewis who seems like a perpetually unexciting choice, but posted $10FP/G again last year and can be had for $4.5M on average.

The fashionable selections of Peterson and Tomlinson are obviously at the bottom of the value list, but the sweet-spot on this list might be the middle 4-5-6 run of Portis, Westbrook, and Addai. In Portis you get a bargain back for under $6.0M who has once been amongst the elite, while in Addai and Westbrook you get excellent backs sporting 11+ FP/G who lose a little limelight to their more media-followed QBs, but come at a price point of only about $8M as a result.

1Graham, E.TBB1.03.88.736.8
2Lewis, Ja.CLE2.04.510.133.2
3James, Ed.ARI1.53.87.832.8
4Portis, C.WAS2.05.79.627.1
5Westbrook, Br.PHI3.
6Addai, J.IND2.08.311.320.4
7Lynch, M.BUF1.06.19.520.3
8Barber, M.DAL2.07.88.918.2
9Peterson, Ad.MIN1.59.711.717.0
10Tomlinson, L.SDC7.014.414.216.7

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