Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bargain Hunt '08 - FBs

Having missed a day, we'll throw out a two-fer on this middle-of-the-long-weekend Sunday afternoon. Woot woot!

Part 3 - Fullbacks
For our third bargain-hunting installment we turn to the underappreciated fullback. They’re so underappreciated that last years’ FP total seems to be the only real guide for most users. As a result, top point-getters like Leonard and Jones aren’t at the top of the list. However, neither is Heath Evans who might be the most intriguing fullback on the list. On a high-powered, multi-faceted offense, he’ll get some scores, and you just might be able to snag him for a million bucks.

If you are happy with “something” for “nothing”, you should be able to land the likes of Davis and Griffith for the league minimum, yet they should be able to pull down a point or two a game and aid your Power or Classic Run offenses.
The caveat here, of course, is the lack of depth at fullback, so if you need that piece for a smash-mouth scheme, you might have to pony-up if you want Leonard, Jones, or Weaver.

1Davis, Ca.PIT0.50.51.343.0
2Griffith, J.OAK0.50.51.335.0
3Evans, H.NEP1.
4Weaver, L.SEA0.
5Leonard, B.SLR1.52.44.528.0
6Sellers, M.WAS1.01.32.627.8
7Vickers, La.CLE0.
8Jones, G.JAC1.02.13.726.3
9Leach, V.HOU0.50.91.424.4
10Karney, M.NOS0.50.81.323.3

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