Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Baseball Champion’s Leagues 2008

The Tradition Continues

With Opening Day less then a month away, GameDayRitual is starting to spring back to life for the 2008 season.  And a part of life at GameDayRitual has become its Baseball Champion’s Leagues.  Founded for the 2006 baseball season, places in the Champion’s League are by invitation only; to get into these leagues you need to have won a GameDayRitual league, plain and simple.

In the first season, we started out with three leagues: the Ruth, Mays and Mantle conferences.  In 2007, we added two new leagues: the Clemente and Koufax conferences.  While the numbers are still being crunched for 2008, we’ve had a very strong response to date and it looks like we’ll be adding additional leagues to accommodate the demand.

In the inaugural season 2006, the winners were as follows.

League Team GM FP
Ruth Conference Cleveland Spiders c_robio 7634
Mantle Conference Trophy Wives slipdiesel 7513
Mays Conference High Heat rhawks31 7035

In 2007, with the league count up to five, the winning teams broke down like this.

League Team GM FP
Mantle Conference Crash Test Dummies Bizarro 8027
Clemente Conference Fear the Mullet cguidi 7874
Ruth Conference 643 DP urtheman82 7390
Mays Conference Hired Guns ehansen24 7352
Koufax Conference Missouri Mules dlawson 6603

Looking forward to 2008, a couple of questions come to mind.  Will we have a repeat champion from either 2006 or 2007?  How will the new GM's stand up to the hardened veterans of the Champion's Leagues?  To follow along this season, be sure to read the Baseball Champion's League Blogs.


And you can find a complete standings wrap-up of the 2007 Baseball Champion's League here.


Let the tradition continue to grow in 2008!

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