Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Baseball 2008 Referral Blitz

Be a part of the GameDayRitual Baseball 2008 Referrals Blitz and win one of five upgrades to a Platinum Account for 2008!  Referral points earned between March 4th and Baseball's Opening Day on March 30th will make you eligible for the upgrade prizes.

Got somebody you think would enjoy GameDayRitual?  Got somebody you think would really enjoy the unique high strategy that GameDayRitual offers?  Then send them a referral and get them engaged!

So to start sending eligible referrals, login and head to the referrals page now: account > referrals.


Remember the more involved with GameDayRitual your referrals become, the more referral points you'll earn and the greater chance you have of winning the upgrade draw.  So encourage them to join your league, or a public league and get in on the action today!  Here's a breakdown of how referral points are earned.

  • 1pt for every site visit
  • 2pts for every new user account created
  • 5pts for a new user that purchases a team
  • 10pts for a new user that purchases a membership

You can see the latest on how your referral points are stacking up on your account > referrals page.

Best of luck and thanks for supporting GameDayRitual!

Contest Details:

  • Referral points must have been earned between 12:01 AM ET March 4th 2008 and before midnight ET March 30th 2008 to be eligible.  Referrals earned before or after these times are not eligible for this upgrade.
  • The upgrades will be assigned by a random draw.  A maximum of five upgrades will be drawn for.  Each user will receive one entry in the draw per referral point earned.
  • The upgrade to Platinum will be applied as soon as the draw is closed, and will cover the user for the Baseball 2008 and Football 2008 seasons.
  • In order to be counted towards your total, referrals must be sent when you are logged into your GameDayRitual account.  Accounts will be treated on an individual basis regardless of ownership, and referral points earned in separate GameDayRitual accounts cannot be combined for this contest.
  • GameDayRitual reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time and under any conditions.  (Though we do not foresee doing that.. ;-)

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