Thursday, January 17, 2008

Football 2007: Wrap-Up

With the 2007 gamedayritual Football season in the books, we take a look at the conclusion of the inaugural Football Champion's League playoffs and follow-up with the undefeated teams we looked at earlier in the 2007 season.

Football Champion's League

[Ed: The Unitas Conference write-up below contains an error.  The Hired Guns in fact took out the Championship!  A corrected version of the post can be found here.  Quick Hits apologizes for the error.]

In the Unitas Conference, the playoff bracket looked like this.

Hartford Headhunters (1) v.  
Dighton Disaster (4)  
  Hartford Headhunters (1) v.
  COLTS (2)
COLTS (2) v.  
Hired Guns (3)  

The semi-finals played out per seeding, however in hard fought final the second seed COLTS pipped the Hunters at the line with a 160.3 - 156.1 victory.  The Hunters had the edge at HB in the final with M. Barber (14.3) and F. Gore (12.1) putting up solid numbers.  The Hunters were also looking very strong on D, with their defensive players putting up 57.3 to the COLTS' 45.0. 

However the COLTS' decisive edge came from a clutch 61.3 points from QB K. Warner, a solid effort from their Special Teams (18.0) and an edge in defensive strategy covering the Hunters 100%, stinging them for -30.4 points.

In the Deacon Jones Conference, the playoff bracket played out as follows.

WarHounds (1) v.
Usual Suspects (4)  
  WarHounds (1) v.
  Delton Hall (2)
Delton Hall (2) v.
Menjai (3)  

The entire playoff bracket in the DJC went to seed, with the WarHounds sneaking out a close final victory 157.3 - 154.0.  The difference in this battle was a slight edge to the WarHounds in Special Teams (19.5 - 17.4) and a 100% defensive coverage which netted the WarHounds 22.8 off the offensive efforts of Delton Hall.

Delton Hall got a very solid effort from HB L. Tomlinson (27.2), but was let down by QL B. Farve, who delivered just a single FP in the final.  The WarHounds had a solid team effort, with the offense scoring a respectable 61.9.  The player of the game for the WarHounds, and the second highest scorer only to the QB D. Brees, was LB P. Willis with 22 FPs.

The narrow victory of the WarHounds also means they had a perfect 16-0 season.

The Fate of the Undefeated's

As we noted in the December newsletter, no team has ever finished a GDR season undefeated, but that has changed in 2007.  In addition to the WarHounds, one other team made it to week 14 with a perfect 14-0 record.  The other was the Mad Rhinos of the SWEETNESS TRIBUTE league.

And history shall record that the Mad Rhinos also set a new GDR Football standard in 2007 with a perfect 16-0 record.  The Rhinos defeated the number two seeded SWANSEA BLUE DOGS with a convincing 193 - 158 score in the finals.

We look forward to seeing if either of the undefeated's can backup their efforts in 2008!


Erik Hansen said...

Umm, the Colts beat the Guns in Round 1 of the Unitus Conference? I think not. Try the other way around, for the Champion Guns.

gamedaygeorge said...

Hey Erik, you're correct - there was a typo in our original post. We successfully described your victory in the Unitas Conference, but managed to use the wrong team name. We've posted a correction here.

Our apologies!