Friday, January 18, 2008

Correction: Football 2007: Wrap-Up

Regrettably, the Quick Hits Blog post of Thursday, January 17, 2008 contained an error.  The corrected summary of the Football Unitas Conference Champion's league can be found below.  References to the COLTS willing should be replaced by Guns.

Quick Hits and GameDayGeorge apologize for and regret this error.  Hooray Guns!


Football Champion's League

In the Unitas Conference, the playoff bracket looked like this.

Hartford Headhunters (1) v.  
Dighton Disaster (4)  
  Hartford Headhunters (1) v.
  Hired Guns (3)
COLTS (2) v.  
Hired Guns (3)  

The semi-finals played out per seeding, however in hard fought final the third seed Guns pipped the Hunters at the line with a 160.3 - 156.1 victory.  The Hunters had the edge at HB in the final with M. Barber (14.3) and F. Gore (12.1) putting up solid numbers.  The Hunters were also looking very strong on D, with their defensive players putting up 57.3 to the Guns' 45.0. 

However the Guns' decisive edge came from a clutch 61.3 points from QB K. Warner, a solid effort from their Special Teams (18.0) and an edge in defensive strategy covering the Hunters 100%, stinging them for -30.4 points.

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