Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tips to Sizing Up Football Strategy

So, its the middle of the NFL season, your balanced triple option wishbone offense has yet to fire, and your wondering if you should take a trip out to the West Coast or maybe make a play towards the Power Run?  Here are a couple of tools to keep in mind when analyzing how you should be re-aligning your strategy to make the most of the season.


Deal for the talent you need to complete the scheme you're working towards.  Buy low, sell high.  Even little deals, like move your no longer needed bye week kicker and punter for a #3/4 WR, or flip a future stud with a good contract for help in the near term.  Trades can and should be win-win, and should help you put more W's on the board.  Don't forget, the trade deadline is November 30th at 11:59 PM ET.

Club House> Strategy

You likely know that if you change offensive schemes, the accumulated 'performance bonus' percentage for your team is reset.  What you may not know is that you can make changes to your offensive scheme anytime you like on the Strategy page, and as long as you change back to the same offensive scheme you were using before the stats deadline in a given week, your accumulated bonus will not reset.  You can use this to try out changes to your scheme to assess what the results will be, and then switch back if you don't like the change without losing your accumulated bonus benefit.

Assistant GM> Offensive Schemes

You can access this tool from the Assistant GM tab by clicking on 'Off. Schemes'.

The pop-up will show you how your offense would perform under each of the possible gamedayritual offensive schemes helping you to choose the option that's right for you.

By using these two tools, you can assess changes to your gamedayritual football offensive scheme and put together the second half run that will get you into the playoffs.

Just win, baby.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Major League Quotes

I suspect that many in the Fantasy Baseball Nation are closet fans of the movie Major League.  The comedy classic that showed that when the original is gold, sequels are necessarily a good idea.

Alas, if you're a fan of Vaughn, Taylor, Dorn and the rest of those loveable Indians then I'm sure you'll enjoy this.

Congratulations Red Sox!

In case you haven't been listening, the Red Sox have won the World Series for the second time in the last four years.  Given my allegiances to the Toronto Blue Jays, I find it tough to cheer for divisional rivals, but I do tip my hat to these Red Sox.  The best team in the league not only in terms of depth at each position, but also resilience showing that willing a World Series is more fun when you come back from the brink in the first two rounds of the playoffs.

Ok, how many days until pitchers and catchers report...?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Football Goes to London!

Football, or Gridiron as its known to many in the UK is making an appearance this weekend at London's famous Wembely Stadium.  The showdown between the winless Miami Dolphins (0-7) and the Manning-toting New York Giants (5-2) will the first ever regular season NFL game played outside North America.  Fresh off a loss to South Africa in the finals of the Rugby World Cup, demand for tickets to the game in London has been strong.

Look Kids!  Big Ben, and a Big Dolphin!

I had the pleasure of being in London last week, and grabbed this picture out front of London's National Gallery.  It was my first trip to the famed Trafalgar Square and needless to say I was surprised to see a 30 foot high inflatable football player right in the middle, with Big Ben in the background.  I was reminded of that classic scene from National Lampoon's European Vacation: Look Kids, Big Ben, Parliament. Ha!

Good on 'ya Football - I hope you can make it big in old London town... but I wouldn't hold my breath when it comes to winning over fans of the English Premiership.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wrap-Up: Baseball Champion's Leagues 2007

The 2007 season held a number of exciting developments in the ongoing development of gamedayritual's Champion's Leagues.  In addition to the two returning leagues from 2006 - the Ruth, Mantle and Mays Conferences - the Clemente and Koufax Conferences were born, bringing the total number of leagues to 5.  Without further ado, let's honor the champion's of each league.

League Team W-L FP Roster GM
Ruth 643 DP 15-9 7,390 here urtheman82
Mantle Crash Test Dummies 16-8 8,028 here Bizarro
Mays Hired Guns 16-8 7,353 here ehansen24
Clemente Fear the Mullet 16-8 7,874 here cguidi
Koufax Missouri Mules 15-9 6,603 here dlawson

Part of the Champion's League experience is hearing from the GM's themselves on how they're running the show in GDR's top baseball leagues. If you'd like to read into the action of the past summer, please head over to the Baseball Champion's League blogs.  We take a look here at five of my favorite posts from the season.

We have received a number of thoughts on how to improve the leagues for 2008, and will be making announcement on changes in the coming weeks and months.  If you'd like to say, drop your suggestions in our suggestions forum.  We will publish the full standings for each league in the Baseball Champion's blog in the next week or so.

Congratulations to all involved in the Champion's Leagues 2007! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Progress: Football ’07 - The Single-Game Scoring Record Challenged

“I scored over 200 points! Is that like the highest ever!?”

We get asked this question all time. While a 200 point game is a big total, you’ll need at least 250 to crack the top 10 scores all-time. Two teams, Cam’s Crunch, and the *Detown Lions have managed to add their names to the illustrious list so far in 2007. Not surprisingly, both these squads are near the top of the Attendance rankings to date, rounding-out the top four along with the current leader Colby Hornets, and previous champions, jamin.

But without further delay, here is the current list of top single-game scores of all time:








Five Too Many

Fourth and a Mile





Dallas Budda Boys

Brazos Football





Galena GoLucks

Brazos Football






All-Pro Goofballs





SpongeBall SquareBack

GridIron North





Cam's Crunch

The Argos Cup





Chicago Blitz

DIEHARD Football League





Cralee-Kahn Snarplufs

Thank God it's Football Season





*Detown Lions






Bella and the Fellas

Public League 21211




Five Too Many of the Fourth and a Mile league still holds top honors, but in a season where the Browns can out shoot the Bengals 51-47, the record seems primed for the plucking.

So what’s the secret for this kind of success? Usually wide-receivers, who have an easier time ‘exploding’ on a given week. In the case of the Crunch, having the ungodly trio of Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, and Randy Moss all light it up in week 2 while QB Carson Palmer had to keep airing it out against the aforementioned Cleveland Browns did the trick. But there are other roads to success – a 30 point game from a defensive player like Umenyiora, a big day from your halfback, and you could be off to the races.

In the end luck is obviously the biggest factor, but to have a real chance your best bet is to have a player or three who is known to “go-off” on occasion – and then bide your time until the stars align and they’re all playing low-rated defenses (or high-rated offenses!).

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Wrap-Up: The 2007 Attendance Champions (And More!)

Top Team

With 2007 in the books, it’s time to take a look at our final Attendance standings. A quick click reveals, ka-pow, Son of Sam Horn of the league Hockey’s Done edged-out the Northern Warriors of League 135 for this year’s title. Owned and operated by user gsulife, Son of Sam Horn finished the regular season with a blistering 112-50 regular season record before marching through the playoffs to the league championship as well as the over GDR title.

At first blush, the success of Son of Sam Horn might seem surprising based on his offensive numbers. The squad sported these solid, but non-elite position players:

  • C - AJ Pierzinski (1.8 FP/G)
  • 1B – James Loney (2.7)
  • 2B - Brian Roberts (3.2)
  • 3B - Garrett Atkins (2.8)
  • SS - Orlando Cabrera (2.9)
  • OF1 - Bobby Abreu (3.2)
  • OF2 - Hideki Matsui (3.3)
  • OF3 - Kevin Youkilis (2.6)

However, one only needs to scan the other side of the lineup card for it to all make sense. The Horn boast one of the greatest possible pitching staffs ever seen in fantasy baseball:

  • SP1 – Jake Peavy (22.1 FP/G)
  • SP2 – Brandon Webb (20.3)
  • SP3 – John Lackey (19.4)
  • SP4 – Javier Vazquez (19.1)
  • SP5 – Roy Oswalt (16.2)

Good grief! Oswalt was the number 5 starter on that squad. Number five.

Rounding out the starting club were relievers Marmol, Broxton, and Wagner. But it’s clear who was bringing home the bacon on this team. The really scary part, gsulife has everyone in the rotation except for Vazquez locked into 3-year deals, so this wrecking ball rotation will be largely intact for years to come. Congrats to the Son of Sam Horn!

Top League

As for the top GamedayRitual league for 2007 – that honor falls to the Kentucky Fried Baseball League with an average 74.5% capacity, more than a full point over its nearest competitors. An extremely competitive league with tightly bunched standings, it sported the top-25 team Maine Lumberjacks, and was ultimately won by the Geneva Haters. Congrats to such a great league!

Top Manager

Bringing home the Manager-of-the-Year award was omnipresent forum user, Lash, who posted a commanding MOY Score of 57.4, outpacing the next best effort by 33%. His efforts lead the Mudville 9 to a league-best 96-66 regular season record, but an off-week in the semis cost his club the Head First league title, but the hiccup does not detract from the accomplishment one iota.

Boasting a solid batting order boost and pitch-around stats, Lash’s Mudville 9 really excelled in the handedness department with a lefty-laden lineup including Brian McCann, Prince Fielder, Jim Thome, Chase Utley, Chad Tracy, Carl Crawford and JD Drew. Add to that a stadium built to take advantage of his lefty clout, and five (yes, five!) strategy wins, and the result is the 2007 MOY honors. Congrats, Lash.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Next Thing in QB's

I just came across this article about 5th grade QB prodigy.

"Sills, who is in the fifth grade, showed off his football acumen during one of Clarkson's camps in Pittsburgh this summer when he got up in front of a room of 300 and began diagramming plays."

Not sure if we'll put him in the gamedayritual player DB next season, but we're getting him lined up for FABs for Football 2019... unless he finds some way to circumvent College Football's monopoly on player development, in which case he might make it in there for Football 2015...

Baseball 2007 Champion's Crowned

With the close of the 2007 gamedayritual Baseball season a big congratulations goes out to the new crop of Champion's!

[Shooter's Computers] take it on the chin

The finish of the Baseball season also sees the crowing of the Attendance Champion, the Manager of the Year and the Champion's of the Champion's League!  We'll have more coverage of those results in the coming days.

Congratulations to all gamedayritual GM's - we look forward to having you back in 2008!