Sunday, September 30, 2007

Football Scheme'in

We're pleased to note a new addition to the arsenal of gamedayritual Football GM's - the Front Office Tools> League Schemes.  This tool is available to all Standard Teams and Gold or Platinum Members, and provides you with a quick overview of your league's current schemes and scheme bonuses.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Bonds Ball: Vote on its Fate

It looks like the buyer of Barry Bond's home run ball is calling for a vote on what to do with the ball. (Perhaps this is a spoof - but it looks legit to me.)

Personally, I voted to bestow it to the Hall of Fame - but I'm not sure that will be the consensus across the Internet. There's an interesting list of suggestions on the Digg profile for the vote.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stocks in Bonds: Ball Sold

It looks like Barry Bond's historic home run ball has been sold to the highest bidder... who was willing to drop $752,467.20.

I guess we should have picked up a pair of tickets in right center that night...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

2007 Football FAB Wrap-up

With the kickoff of the Football season we take a look at the gamedayritual FABs that were. We take a look at the most frequent players offered a Contract Extension, the players most frequently featured in returning teams rosters and finally the most frequently signed players and the top 20 contracts offered during the FAB period.

Contract Extensions

The top 20 most extended players shows a definite bias towards defensive players. This underscores the importance of a strong defense to success with gamedayritual Football, and is also likely an indication that in 2006 a number of quality defensive players were signed to 1-year contracts during the FAB.

PlayerPosTeam# ExtMin$Avg$Max$Min$
Bart ScottLBBAL8$1.5$0.8$1.0$0.5
Champ BaileyDBDEN7$2.5$5.1$7.0$2.5
Demarcus WareLBDAL7$1.5$2.1$3.5$1.0
Julius PeppersDLCAR7$2.0$3.9$8.0$3.0
Kerry RhodesDBNYJ6$1.5$1.7$2.5$1.0
Adrian WilsonDBARI6$2.5$4.4$6.0$3.0
DeMeco RyansLBHOU5$1.5$1.3$1.5$1.0
Kirk MorrisonLBOAK5$1.5$1.4$2.5$1.0
London FletcherLBWAS5$2.5$4.5$6.0$2.5
Reggie WayneWRIND5$2.0$5.2$7.5$3.5
T.J. HoushmandzadehWRCIN5$1.5$3.7$6.5$2.5
Will WitherspoonLBSLR5$2.0$3.6$5.0$2.0
Tony GonzalezTEKCC4$1.5$4.3$5.5$2.5
Joseph AddaiHBIND4$1.0$2.3$3.0$1.0
Jon KitnaQBDET4$2.5$1.1$2.0$0.5
Lofa TatupuLBSEA4$1.5$2.5$3.5$0.5
New England Offensive LineOLNEP4$2.0$3.0$5.5$0.5
Robert MathisDLIND4$1.5$3.5$5.0$3.0
Ronde BarberDBTBB4$2.5$5.1$5.5$5.0
Donald DriverWRGBP4$2.0$3.9$7.0$2.0

* All salaries $M/Y
Returning Contracts
The top 20 returning players show a definite bias to offensive Super Stars - not surprisingly people have to commit long-term to offensive talent in order to get a hold of it in the first place. There aren't too many players in this list that you wouldn't want to lock-up long-term, with the notable exception of Culpepper who shows the danger in offering the Super Star contract.

LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC34$15.22.81
Peyton ManningQBIND34$
Chad JohnsonWRCIN33$9.32.70
Reggie BushHBNOS33$
Steven JacksonHBSLR31$
Larry JohnsonHBKCC31$
Torry HoltWRSLR31$8.72.60
Steve SmithWRCAR30$7.82.70
Donovan McNabbQBPHI30$
Marvin HarrisonWRIND30$
Shawne MerrimanDLSDC30$4.230.2
Larry FitzgeraldWRARI29$7.42.90
Shaun AlexanderHBSEA29$14.22.70
Randy MossWRNEP29$7.72.60
Carson PalmerQBCIN29$10.52.80
Troy PolamaluDBPIT28$4.52.80
Eli ManningQBNYG28$
Daunte CulpepperQBOAK28$
Roy WilliamsWRDET28$
Ronnie BrownHBMIA28$

* All salaries $M/Y

Most Frequently Signed Players

The top 20 most frequently signed players during the Football 2006 FABs shows a good balance between mid-range defensive and offensive players. The people who bought into the Tony Romo bandwagon will have to be quite happy with his early performance.

Mark AndersonDLCHI46$2.320
Marques ColstonWRNOS45$
Bryan ThomasDLNYJ44$2.61.80
Calvin JohnsonWRDET44$
Tony RomoQBDAL44$
Jerricho CotcheryWRNYJ43$2.81.80
Kamerion WimbleyDLCLE43$2.42.10
Gerald HayesLBARI43$2.11.50
Sean JonesDBCLE43$3.11.80
New Orleans Offensive LineOLNOS42$
Mathias KiwanukaDLNYG42$1.51.50
Asante SamuelDBNEP42$4.020
Bernard BerrianWRCHI42$
Andre CarterDLWAS42$1.41.30
Devery HendersonWRNOS42$2.01.60
Adrian PetersonHBMIN42$
Alex SmithQBSFF42$3.020.2
Maurice DrewHBJAC42$
Tamba HaliDLKCC42$3.02.30
Travis HenryHBDEN41$

* All salaries $M/Y

Top 20 Contracts Offered

The top 20 individual contracts offered during the FAB evokes thoughts of highly paid CEO's and amounts of money that I can scarcely fathom. I suppose that's why they call it fantasy football. Tomlinson, closely followed by Manning, lead the way in the mega-contracts. Let's hope for those who spent the cash that it pays off, and for the rest of us that the $0.5M/Y halfback sleeper makes your resistance to upping that final offer worth while.

PlayerPosTeam $YPB
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$37.53N
Peyton ManningQBIND$33.03Y
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$25.03Y
Tom BradyQBNEP$21.53N
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$21.03N
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$21.03Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$21.03Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$21.03Y
Drew BreesQBNOS$20.03N
Steven JacksonHBSLR$20.03Y
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$20.03Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$20.03Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$19.03Y
Shaun AlexanderHBSEA$19.01N
Shaun AlexanderHBSEA$19.02Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$19.03Y
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$19.03Y
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$19.03Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$18.53Y
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$18.53Y

Interview: 2006 gamedayritual Attendance Champion

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to ask a couple of questions to the owner of Carr's All Stars of the East Coast Dynasty league - the team that won the 2006 gamedayritual Attendance Championship. As we burn down to the end of the 2007 season, we take a look at Jamie Carr's (gdrlogin: jamiecarr) perspective on winning the 2006 gamedayritual Attendance crown.

GDR: Your team, Carr’s All Stars, won the East Coast Dynasty league (12 teams, 2 divisions, playoffs) and the 2006 gamedayritual Attendance Championship with a 99% capacity. How long have you been running the All Stars?

Jamie: I started up a league as commissioner in GDR’s inaugural 2005 season, so 2006 was the second year for Carr’s All Stars. I have been playing Fantasy Baseball in some way, shape, or form since 1992.

GDR: What are the name and dimensions of the All Stars home field, and is it a hitter’s or pitcher’s park?

Jamie: The home field is called the Hubbardston Diamond. The shape of the field is a dead ringer for the shape of my hometown of Hubbardston, MA, which looks like a diamond. So it is quite a poke at 400ft to center field and only 320ft and 300ft down the left and right field lines. In 2006, the park was designed to provide very slight bonuses for both hitters and pitchers, since I seemed to have a balanced team. For 2007 I raised the walls and made it a dome to heavily favor hitters ( +28% for lefties and +22% for righties). Well, so far my hitters have been underachieving (compared to 2006 anyway), and my pitching staff has been very solid.

GDR: What would you say was the core of the All Stars in 2006? Balance must have been a key, but was it the bats or the arms that got it done for you in the end?

Jamie: My pitching staff was very solid, but I managed to assemble a murderer’s row of bats for my lineup. Many Ramirez was generally batting 7th or 8th, and I had the top total FP hitter at all 4 infield spots, the top OF in Carlos Beltran, and the second best C. Vlad and Manny rounded out the outfield, and Ryan Howard was the DH.

GDR: Did you make any key deals during the course of the season? Or did you stand pat? What about key Free Agent signings?

Jamie: A made one blockbuster deal just after the All Star break, acquiring Albert Pujols, Brian McCann, and Scott Linebrink for Derek Jeter, Paul Konerko, Stephen Drew, and Yovani Gallardo. That trade was key, as it plugged in a hole in the bullpen and at catcher.

GDR: Have the All Stars been able to take advantage of the Prospects Draft to date? Any solid prospects in the pipeline that you hope will make a contribution in the near future?

Jamie: Definitely. This is a big part of the game. The original rules for 2005 hurt a lot as I lost Philip Hughes and Brandon Wood from that draft- they were not called up in 2005 or 2006 so I could not sign them to contracts. I traded away Drew and Gallardo to help me for the stretch run last year, and though it hurts to lose their high ceilings and cheap salaries I can’t complain about the way it has worked out. Joel Zumaya, Jeremy Sowers and Hunter Pence are the other key players I’ve acquired in the prospects draft.

GDR: Do you tend to play your opposition – for example L/R match ups and pitch around – or are you more inclined to take care of your own team, and let the winning take care of itself? Did you use the four-man rotation at all?

Jamie: My basic strategy is to set my own team to the lineup I think will do best. Then, if I have any close calls or can make any adjustments that make sense in terms of match-ups vs. my opponent, I’ll tinker with those. My belief is that the four man rotation should not be used until after the All-Star break (if at all), where the net gain can outweigh the rotation fatigue that is imposed. I would hate to move into the playoffs and lose a squeaker based on rotation fatigue. However, some situations, such as a team with one ace on a poor staff, or a big match-up vs. an arch rival team, could alter this strategy.

GDR: A litany of sports players and managers have emphasized the role of luck in their Championship seasons – what would you say were your lucky breaks in 2006?

Jamie: My lucky breaks were the cheap contracts I signed in 2005 that panned out in 2006: Garrett Atkins, Jose Reyes, Ryan Howard, etc. Also, I saved money until the end of the 2006 FAB. I had my eye on Carlos Beltran, and waited until other teams were out of cash so I could sign him to a 3 year deal at the minimum after coming off that abysmal 2005 season. It was a good strategy, but it was luck that he had such a monster 2006 and made that contract such a bargain.

GDR: As a result of winning your league, you earned a team in the Champion’s League for 2007 – how have you found the experience and the competition to date? You managed to carry five of your hitters forward from your 2006 East Coast Dynasty Championship (Albert Pujols, Manny Ramirez, Brian McCann, Garrett Atkins, and Jeremy Sowers) – was the investment worth it in the Champion’s League?

Jamie: The competition has been similar, but admittedly a bit stiffer in the champion’s league. One simple difference lies between 12 and 14 team leagues, where it just becomes that much harder to control a single position, predict what teams will have $ left, and sneak a young player through on a cheap contract. If I can make it out of year one in the champs league, I think I’ll be able to have pretty good success in years two and three. The competition for talent in the Champs league led to what I believe are a lot of bloated contracts that will really weigh down those team as we move past year one. I already waived Jorge Cantu (3 years/ 3mil.; but that 1.5 mil looks to be my only dead money). As far as those specific players:yes, and no. I would argue that I underpaid for Pujols and Garret Atkins (15.5 and 6.5 million, NT, 3 years for each) and paid fair value for the other 3. However, Manny (8.5 mil) and McCann (5.5), and Sowers (3.5) have not produced like I thought they would, so they’re not looking like bargains at almost any price.

GDR: For both real baseball and fantasy baseball: DH or no DH? And why? For real baseball, no DH. For fantasy baseball, yes to the DH.

Jamie: As a Red Sox fan, I love the AL style of baseball, and I love having David Ortiz penciled in as the DH every day. But I have to say that the added strategy and style of NL ball seems superior. I mean, I think I could manage the Red Sox (or Yankees) pretty well (at least in terms of in-game strategy!). Just manage your bullpen, hit and run once a month, and you’re looking good. There are just no tough “pull the pitcher for a pinch hitter” type decisions in the AL. I’m not saying I like the Tony Larussa style of management where you bring in a different reliever for every batter in the 7th and 8th innings, but I like the extra strategy that the NL game brings. In fantasy terms, the DH position is great as it allows teams with extra hitting depth to take advantage.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Football: Week 1 in the Books

While personally my team went down 187-133, I'm pleased that Football 2007 Week 1 is now in the books. Check your League Home> Matchup page for the latest results from your league!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Virtual Series: First 100 Game Winners!

For the first time in 2007, gamedayritual leagues were able to select the option of having Virtual Series. With the advent of Virtual Series comes the 100 win season, and we've been remiss in celebrating our first ever!

With the close of Week 21 scoring, the NY Cookie Bowlers of the Henry Gadtop FBL Greater Vienna Jeffries league became the first team to reach the 100 win mark with a 101-41 record.

As of the close of Week 22 scoring, we have 6 teams above the 100 win mark, and another 5 poised to take the plunge at the close of Week 23 scoring.

Swiper No Swiping!Hockeys Done105-46
Son of Sam HornHockeys Done105-46
Oak Cliff BluesAncestral Hometown Lg104-44
NY Cookie BowlersHenry Gadtop FBL Greater Vienna103-45
Santa Cruz Lost BoysEzer Bros. Baseball100-48
39 StonersLegends of Hardball99-52
son of sam hornLeague 13799-49
Deivi CruzTigers or Pirates98-50
Springfield HomersThe BaseBallers98-50
Carolina MudcatsGDRBL98-50

Congratulations to our 100 win pioneers!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Reminder: Football Roster Deadlines

As Football gets set to kickoff for the 2007 season, gamedayritual GM's are reminded that the roster deadlines are also looming. In a typical gamedayritual week, there will only be one deadline, generally just ahead of the Sunday game. But in weeks where there are early games - like Week 1's traditional Thursday night opener - there are two deadlines.

Strategy & Early Game Deadline: Thursday September 6th, 8:30 PM ET
Sunday Deadline: Sunday September 9th, 1:00 PM ET

After the strategy and early game deadline, you will not be able to make any further changes to your team's Week 1 strategy, and you won't be able to alter the depth chart ranking, nor include newly signed players who's teams have appeared in the early game. (So if Peyton Manning goes off in the Thursday nighter, and nobody's signed him in your league yet, he won't get into anybody's lineup until Week 2.)

So if you still need to sign that PK and an option at TE2 its time to head to the Front Office> Player Activity and get started!

Monday, September 03, 2007

September Callups: BB Lite Teams Upgraded! gamedayritual users will be pleased to find that their Lite teams have been upgraded for the last month of the season giving them a taste of the Standard Team experience. With access to enhanced tools like the Assistant GM and convenient access to league information GM's are sure to be happy with the lift.

Good luck to all gamedayritual GM's in the final stretch towards league playoffs!