Monday, April 30, 2007

Summer Road Swing

With long weekends and warm summer's evenings just around the corner, many will turn their thoughts to one of the great summer baseball traditions: the'road trip'. A trip to catch the boys of summer at the ball park, whether its your local minor league team (Buffalo Bisons, Calgary Cannons, Mudville Nine), a trip uptown to the Bronx, or a West Coast road swing to see the great ballparks of California, getting out to see a live game in the summer is a part of the full baseball experience.

The gamedayritual collaborators are no exception to the 'road trip' bug with a mini road trip in the works for this summer. Details are still sketchy (as they often are until just before departure...) but we're likely to take in some action in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Detroit.

Wherever you are, hopefully you'll have the chance to get out to the ballpark this summer!

gamedayScott, gamedayCam and gamedayGeorge outside Oakland's "Network Coliseum", September 2001

Look who's back!

After a week off the air, the gamedayritual blogs are back on the Front Page of our web portal. In response to some changes to the RSS feed format, a few adjustments were required on our side to get the blogs back on the air. But we're back up, and transmitting.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Competitive Intelligence

For those of you who like to do your homework, I've found the AP Baseball Podcast to be an excellent weekly source of baseball news. (Don't ask how my GDR teams do on a weekly basis...) The host is AP broadcaster John Klobucar, and he speaks with AP reporters from various cities around the bigs, and usually comes up with some good insightful comments and ideas.

If you're outta' range of regular baseball coverage, or looking for something to fill those empty moments on the road, train or plane, this might just be what you're looking for. Its free, and you should be able to find it in your Podcast Directory (on iTunes, or whatever you might use), or you can find the feed link here.


PS If you've got any baseball/fantasy baseball related podcasts you enjoy, please feel free to post them in the comments of this entry, or in our game forums.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bill Nye Weighs In On Dice-K

For any of you science minded gamedayers, and probably more appropriately for those of you who tuned out of science in grade 6, this is an interesting article by Bill Nye ("The Science Guy") about Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka's "gyroball". Is the story of Dice-K baseball urban myth, or is the latest hot item out of Japan the real deal and worth signing the to a big offer sheet?

That question, unfortunately, is not going to be answered by science. New pitchers tend to have the upper hand until they've completed one 'lap' of the league, after which players have had a chance to size up their delivery on their video iPods. But there are those 'special players' who come along once and a while who change the game with something new... maybe Dice-K is that player, or maybe this rising sun too, will set.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Can you Digg it?

We've added Digg buttons to each of our Blog posts, so feel free to Digg anything you see that you like. You'll need a Digg account, but they're free and quick to setup.

Happy Digging!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Disabled List Update Guidelines

More often then not, gamedayritual users don't take any notice of the Disabled List... until one of your players is on it, and you're looking to free up roster space (in the next 30 minutes before the deadline) to bring in a replacement.

We've taken steps along with our stats provider to improve the quality of the feed, as well as the frequency with which its updated. And with those improvements, we'd like to announce some new guidelines for when users can expect GDR Disabled List to be updated. While we can't (yet) promise up-to-the-minute updates, we hope to improve on last season.

We generally receive updates to the DL from our stats provider daily at 8 AM ET and 8 PM ET. Occasionally there are drops that come later in the evening ET.

As a general rule, we would ask users to hold off until noon ET the day after a player goes on the MLB DL before they notify us of a DL discrepancy. The best place to do this is in the forum as then other users can see that we've been notified, keeping duplicate requests to a minimum. Use this are of the Forum (Technical FAQ - Baseball Edition) to post DL related issues.

If a player goes on the MLB DL within 24 hours of a roster deadline, we will make every effort to add that player to the GDR DL. In this case, if you don't see the player you're looking for on the DL, please feel free to post it in the forum and we'll tend to it as soon as we can.

Note that very often there are news articles which elude to the fact that a player may go on the DL at some point in the future... this is a slippery area as many MLB teams use the DL to manage roster space and 'nagging injuries', and for that reason we follow the official MLB DL. As such, if you're posting about somebody who's gone on the DL, if you can include a link to the official Transactions area showing the details of a player's stint on the MLB DL, that will help to expedite their addition to the GDR DL. Here's an example of the Pirates Transactions page:

We have plans to further refine the DL feed this season, and hope to improve the level of service even further. But if you're lucky... none of this will matter to you anyway, and your squad will stay out of the infirmary in 2007!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Tricking out the Blogs

As you may have already noticed, we've added a 'handy' search function to both the Quick Hits and Baseball Champion's League blogs. You can use this function to search either the open Internet, or either of the blogs. As an example, searching for player names on the Baseball Champion's League blog can yield some good insights.

We've also added news feeds to the right hand side of the blogs which contain the latest news from Google News on baseball, fantasy baseball, football or fantasy football.


NY Times Talks Ball

A (biologically minded) gamedayritual user recently pointed us to this interesting NY Times editorial on the impact of expansion on MLB over the past 15 or so years. As with all editorials, I'm not apt to agree 100% with what they are saying, but I found it interesting.

If you come across any interesting Baseball, Football or Fantasy Sports content that you think the gamedayritual community might be interested in, drop it in a comment to this post or drop us a line at and we'll take a look. If its the goods, then we'll put it out there.

And they're off!

With the Mets win over the Cardinals, the 2007 MLB season is underway! Head to your League Home> Matchup page to see the latest results from around your league.

Good luck to all GM's in 2007.