Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baseball 2007: What's New? More?

An omission from the previous post.

Front Office: Trade Block
GM's can now put players on the 'Trade Block'. This is a space where players can be advertised as trade bait to let the rest of the league know you're looking to make a move. You can add players to your Trade Block and view who's on the block around the league on the Contracts page, and there's a summary in the Tools Tab if you're using a Standard team or a Membership.

Add players to the Trade Block

Check out who's on the Block

Monday, February 26, 2007

Baseball 2007: What's New?

Front Office: Contract Extensions (League Configurable)
Before the season starts - users may extend a few contracts for a fixed amounts of money. You may extend as many contracts for as long as you wish so long as:

  • The sum of all extension years does not exceed the Total setting. (Recommended: 2 total years)
  • No one extension is for more than the Max years setting. (Recommended: 1-year extensions max)

FAB: Bid Calculator
GM's can use the newly added FAB Bid Calculator to explore the effects of updating the amount, years and no trade clause your offer to a given player, increasing the visibility into the bid process and allowing for better team planning.

Bid Calculator Launched from FAB Queue

Bid Calculator Example

FAB: Blackout Period (League Option)
Between 75% of a player's total time On the Market (36 hrs for 48hr OtM, 18hrs fo 24hr OtM, etc) and the end of their time, they will randomly enter a blacked-out deliberation period where NO changes to any offers may be made. Enable this setting if you fear "sniping" could be a worry in your league - or if you expect disparate Internet access amongst your users. This will force late bidders to get in before the 75% mark to be guaranteed a shot, and will hence allow other users some time to react.
FAB: Shorter FABs for Returning Leagues (League Option)
Returning leagues may opt to shorten their FAB since they will have a number of players under contract already.
Scoring: Games per Week (League Option)
You have the option of playing 1 (Mon-Sun) or 2 (Mon-Thu & Fri-Sun) GDR games per week. When playing 2 games per week, only the top 3 SP active will be used from your rotation.
Scoring: Virtual Series (League Option)
Instead of a single W or L at the end of the week - you will be awarded a 6 or 7 game W-L record for the week based on your margin of victory. You will finish the regular season with a 162 game record. Inter-divisional series will be weighted as heavier (7 vs 6 games) on average.
Scoring: SP Matchup Bonus (League Option)
Award bonus points when your SP out pitches your opponents at the same rotation rank. The bonuses are 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 for SP1-5 respectively.
Front Office: Transaction Duration (League Option)
The time that players are On the Market, Waivers Wire, and subject to Trade Voting. This does not apply to the FAB On the Market period.
Accounts: Memberships
Users can now choose to join as members with extended features such as the ability to create unlimited teams, reduced advertising and more flexibility. See here for more details.
FAB: Metering
In an effort to avoid degraded server performance, the number of simultaneous FABs that are taking place across MLB.com gamedayritual will be metered this season. League Commissioners should be mindful of scheduling, and will not be able to schedule FABs during busy periods. Leagues where the number of GM's with MLB.com gamedayritual members is 50% or greater will be exempt from this metering.
Scoring: Bullpen Flex Reliever
If your MR, SU, and Cls fail to appear in 6 games between them in a given week (3 G in twice-a-week leagues), the missing number of games will be made up for at the flex reliever position. This pitcher, when counted, scores as if he is at any of the three relief positions (ie 10 FP/SV, 10 FP/Ho, - 5 FP BS). The flex-reliever will score their average points-per-game that week times the number of missing games up to a maximum equal to the number of games played by the flex reliever during the GDR game period in question.
Scoring: Position Player Backups
A player may be assigned as a backup at multiple positions. As such if multiple players fail to play a full 6 (or 3) MLB games in a week and a particular backup is eligible to play each position then his games will count toward those missing starters' games. The backup will score his average FP/G that week times the number of games needed to reach 6 (or 3) at that position, but is limited to contributing the number of games that he actually plays that week.
GM Rating: Updated Behaviour
The following items now impact your GM Rating:
  • Failing to sign a player you've made an offer to: -1
  • Signing a player: +2
  • Waiving a player: -3

Baseball 2007 User's Guide: http://gamedayritual.mlb.com/baseball/help/manual.htm

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gamedayritual Ranks on MLB.com

MLB.com gamedayritual is pleased to report that our analysis team of Scott Siegler (gamedayScott) and Todd Carey has made the top articles on MLB.com.


This piece takes a look at the value of pre-season rankings vs. the actual average contract values across MLB.com gamedayritual.



Sunday, February 25, 2007

Football 2007 gamedayritual MVPs

Offensive MVP - Peyton Manning, QB, IND
While this is a natural selection, especially after his post-season performance, Peyton Manning did score more points than anyone else in gamedayritual with 486 FPs. And in a performances becoming of an MVP, he scored 55 and 39 points in the playoff weeks and was the only player to average more than 30 FP/G in 2006. While his average gamedayritual salary was $17.1M and the cost of the ink spent on him this season was at least that much, his steady high output performance was well worth it for gamedayritual GM's. The only additional thing you could have possibly asked for our of this guy was better production during the bye week.

Manning off the scale!

Honourable Mention - Tony Romo, QB, DAL

While scoring over 200 FPs less then Manning, Romo earns honourable mention on the basis of FP-per-cost. Romo's amazing point production to cost ratio was 325.4 FPs per $1.0M as compared to Manning's 28.5 points per $1.0M. When you consider that at most a gamedayritual GM would have had Romo starting 9 games which would have included a 5 point stinker during the fantasy playoff championship, Romo falls to the Honorary Mention category.

Co-Defensive MVPs

Owing to the rich pool of deserving players in the defensive category and the many ways to break down the numbers, co-winners have been declared.

DeMeco Ryans, LB, HOU

DeMaco scored more points than any other Defensive player with 150 FP, and he scored 8 and 7 FPs in the playoff weeks. He provided steady output every week, and played in every game. His lowest output was a 5 FP in week #2, and as a mark of MVP consistency he had 8 weeks where he scored 9 FP or more. Being a Rookie he carried a Minimum Salary of $0.5M at an average gamedayritual salary of $1.3M he was a great bargain for savvy GM's.

Jason Taylor, DL, MIA

Taylor was the top scoring Defensive Lineman and #5 overall Defensive player with 138 FP. Scoring 11 and 6 FPs in playoff weeks, he had 7 weeks where he scored 9 or more FP and he missed only one game due to injury. He ranked fourth overall in total sacks with 13.5 and of the games he played in during the gamedayritual season, he only failed to record a sack in 3, helping GM's earn valuable sack strategy bonus FPs. Coming in with the 6th highest average gamedayritual defensive salary at $5.6M, people were willing to pay for his services, and they did.
Special Teams MVP - Robbie Gould, PK, CHI

Robbie was top scoring amongst PK, P, and KR during the gamedayritual season with 158 FP. He scored 11 and 16 FPs in the playoff weeks and was a $0.5M minimum salary player, with a GDR league average salary of $0.7M, making his fantasy points per million an impressive 215.5 FP per $1.0M.

Special thanks the multi-talented billalex for the analysis of the gamedayritual Football 2006 MVPs. He's the jam.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sport Utility Vehicles on MLB.com

You can find our latest MLB.com gamedayritual analysis posted on MLB.com.


This piece includes a look a the value of utility players and provides some intriguing examples of players that you can start at multiple positions around the diamond.

2007 Champion's League Blog Launched

We've launched our 2007 Baseball Champion's League season, and we have a blog up and running to chronicle the season. Check out how MLB.com gamedayritual is played at the highest levels!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rebranding of www.gamedayritual.com

You'll likely notice that we've re branded http://www.gamedayritual.com/ for the Baseball season. Just a quick note to say that we will be back for Football 2007, and that we'll be trying to add a football off-season front page (if that makes any sense) in the coming weeks. For now, its pitchers, catchers and Grapefruit.

gamedayritual Football 2006 Home Page

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

(Another) New URL!

We've moved, just a 'few feet' this time, and we're here to stay for a while.


Sorry for the inconvenience - just trying to get this location straightened out, but this time around I think we're good.

Monday, February 19, 2007

New URL!

gamedayritual is pleased to announce that we've updated the URL for our blog - you can now find us at:



Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baseball 2007 Is Live!

MLB.com gamedayritual is pleased to announce that our Baseball 2007 offering is now open for business. Head here to create your account, login and start setting up your account for 2007.


You can find pricing details for our Baseball 2007 Offering here.

Game on!

Final Launch Preparations

We've taken the site down in final preprations for launch. Should be up within the next hour...


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Baseball 2007 Launch Day Update

MLB.com gamedayritual is pleased to announce that we are on track for a launch on Thursday, February 15th. We expect to be up and running in the afternoon Pacific Standard Time. The driver for the timing is to make sure that we've got the greatest possible number of staff on hand to support the going live process... sorry to dash hopes of a midnight opening, but hopefully this lets folks get a good night's sleep... ;-)

Watch this space for an announcement.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Perception Vs. Reality II on MLB.com

Hear ye! Hear ye! Part two of gamedayritual's Perception vs. Reality article has been published in MLB.com's Fantasy Home.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

gamedayritual Baseball 2007 Launch Update

gamedayritual is pleased to announced that plans are on track for a launch of our Baseball 2007 offering in conjunction with MLB's Fantasy Opening Day on February 15th, 2007. On February 15th, gamedayritual users will be able to dig into another season of Fantasy Baseball bliss with a full suite of new goodies for 2007. We hope to bring you a preview of our changes for 2007 early next week.

We have previously advised users that we would be launching between Febuary 7th and 12th, however due to contractual obligations, we've have had to push that date back to coincide with MLB's Fantasy Opening Day. Please accept our apology for making that change, and our regrets for any inconvenience we have caused by moving the date back.

We don't anticipate any further changes to the February 15th launch date, but we will make announcements in this space if any changes take place.