Thursday, November 15, 2007

A(-rod) Modest Proposal

With the fun and games that have surrounded A-Rod and his interesting relationship with the Yankees, Steinbrenner, the media world and reality in general I thought I'd interject with a proposal of my own.

A-Rod signs a new 282 HR contract with the Yankees.  Terms of the deal - $1M for each HR hit.  The deal would last until A-Rod reaches 800 HRs - he's sitting on 518 now.

Economically speaking it means the faster he hits 'em, the faster he makes 'his money' and the more entertainment he delivers to the fans.  It gives the Yankees the side-show they're looking for to close out the House that Ruth Built and kick-off life in new Yankees' Stadium: The House that A-Rod Built...?  It gives A-Rod the spotlight he deserves and is looking for.

And it provides a novel approach dolling out the riches of MLB.  I wouldn't mind players getting paid based on their actual performance - somehow it seems more honest.  But perhaps I'm a just a jilted Blue Jays fan who watched Carlos Delgado wilt after getting the big deal and watching BJ Ryan sit out the season after cashing in on a big year.

I wonder what KC fans think about all the smoke (and cash) coming out of NYC?  Maybe A-Rod will take them out for lunch the next time they're in town... me - I know that I'll be chasing A-Rod as hard as I can come FAB-time.

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