Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wrap-Up: The 2007 Attendance Champions (And More!)

Top Team

With 2007 in the books, it’s time to take a look at our final Attendance standings. A quick click reveals, ka-pow, Son of Sam Horn of the league Hockey’s Done edged-out the Northern Warriors of League 135 for this year’s title. Owned and operated by user gsulife, Son of Sam Horn finished the regular season with a blistering 112-50 regular season record before marching through the playoffs to the league championship as well as the over GDR title.

At first blush, the success of Son of Sam Horn might seem surprising based on his offensive numbers. The squad sported these solid, but non-elite position players:

  • C - AJ Pierzinski (1.8 FP/G)
  • 1B – James Loney (2.7)
  • 2B - Brian Roberts (3.2)
  • 3B - Garrett Atkins (2.8)
  • SS - Orlando Cabrera (2.9)
  • OF1 - Bobby Abreu (3.2)
  • OF2 - Hideki Matsui (3.3)
  • OF3 - Kevin Youkilis (2.6)

However, one only needs to scan the other side of the lineup card for it to all make sense. The Horn boast one of the greatest possible pitching staffs ever seen in fantasy baseball:

  • SP1 – Jake Peavy (22.1 FP/G)
  • SP2 – Brandon Webb (20.3)
  • SP3 – John Lackey (19.4)
  • SP4 – Javier Vazquez (19.1)
  • SP5 – Roy Oswalt (16.2)

Good grief! Oswalt was the number 5 starter on that squad. Number five.

Rounding out the starting club were relievers Marmol, Broxton, and Wagner. But it’s clear who was bringing home the bacon on this team. The really scary part, gsulife has everyone in the rotation except for Vazquez locked into 3-year deals, so this wrecking ball rotation will be largely intact for years to come. Congrats to the Son of Sam Horn!

Top League

As for the top GamedayRitual league for 2007 – that honor falls to the Kentucky Fried Baseball League with an average 74.5% capacity, more than a full point over its nearest competitors. An extremely competitive league with tightly bunched standings, it sported the top-25 team Maine Lumberjacks, and was ultimately won by the Geneva Haters. Congrats to such a great league!

Top Manager

Bringing home the Manager-of-the-Year award was omnipresent forum user, Lash, who posted a commanding MOY Score of 57.4, outpacing the next best effort by 33%. His efforts lead the Mudville 9 to a league-best 96-66 regular season record, but an off-week in the semis cost his club the Head First league title, but the hiccup does not detract from the accomplishment one iota.

Boasting a solid batting order boost and pitch-around stats, Lash’s Mudville 9 really excelled in the handedness department with a lefty-laden lineup including Brian McCann, Prince Fielder, Jim Thome, Chase Utley, Chad Tracy, Carl Crawford and JD Drew. Add to that a stadium built to take advantage of his lefty clout, and five (yes, five!) strategy wins, and the result is the 2007 MOY honors. Congrats, Lash.

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