Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tips to Sizing Up Football Strategy

So, its the middle of the NFL season, your balanced triple option wishbone offense has yet to fire, and your wondering if you should take a trip out to the West Coast or maybe make a play towards the Power Run?  Here are a couple of tools to keep in mind when analyzing how you should be re-aligning your strategy to make the most of the season.


Deal for the talent you need to complete the scheme you're working towards.  Buy low, sell high.  Even little deals, like move your no longer needed bye week kicker and punter for a #3/4 WR, or flip a future stud with a good contract for help in the near term.  Trades can and should be win-win, and should help you put more W's on the board.  Don't forget, the trade deadline is November 30th at 11:59 PM ET.

Club House> Strategy

You likely know that if you change offensive schemes, the accumulated 'performance bonus' percentage for your team is reset.  What you may not know is that you can make changes to your offensive scheme anytime you like on the Strategy page, and as long as you change back to the same offensive scheme you were using before the stats deadline in a given week, your accumulated bonus will not reset.  You can use this to try out changes to your scheme to assess what the results will be, and then switch back if you don't like the change without losing your accumulated bonus benefit.

Assistant GM> Offensive Schemes

You can access this tool from the Assistant GM tab by clicking on 'Off. Schemes'.

The pop-up will show you how your offense would perform under each of the possible gamedayritual offensive schemes helping you to choose the option that's right for you.

By using these two tools, you can assess changes to your gamedayritual football offensive scheme and put together the second half run that will get you into the playoffs.

Just win, baby.

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