Sunday, September 09, 2007

Virtual Series: First 100 Game Winners!

For the first time in 2007, gamedayritual leagues were able to select the option of having Virtual Series. With the advent of Virtual Series comes the 100 win season, and we've been remiss in celebrating our first ever!

With the close of Week 21 scoring, the NY Cookie Bowlers of the Henry Gadtop FBL Greater Vienna Jeffries league became the first team to reach the 100 win mark with a 101-41 record.

As of the close of Week 22 scoring, we have 6 teams above the 100 win mark, and another 5 poised to take the plunge at the close of Week 23 scoring.

Swiper No Swiping!Hockeys Done105-46
Son of Sam HornHockeys Done105-46
Oak Cliff BluesAncestral Hometown Lg104-44
NY Cookie BowlersHenry Gadtop FBL Greater Vienna103-45
Santa Cruz Lost BoysEzer Bros. Baseball100-48
39 StonersLegends of Hardball99-52
son of sam hornLeague 13799-49
Deivi CruzTigers or Pirates98-50
Springfield HomersThe BaseBallers98-50
Carolina MudcatsGDRBL98-50

Congratulations to our 100 win pioneers!

1 comment:

cory said...

wow i'm on the list twice including an appearance at the top tied for the best record in the universe. i guess that's empirical evidence that i rule the whole world.