Thursday, September 13, 2007

2007 Football FAB Wrap-up

With the kickoff of the Football season we take a look at the gamedayritual FABs that were. We take a look at the most frequent players offered a Contract Extension, the players most frequently featured in returning teams rosters and finally the most frequently signed players and the top 20 contracts offered during the FAB period.

Contract Extensions

The top 20 most extended players shows a definite bias towards defensive players. This underscores the importance of a strong defense to success with gamedayritual Football, and is also likely an indication that in 2006 a number of quality defensive players were signed to 1-year contracts during the FAB.

PlayerPosTeam# ExtMin$Avg$Max$Min$
Bart ScottLBBAL8$1.5$0.8$1.0$0.5
Champ BaileyDBDEN7$2.5$5.1$7.0$2.5
Demarcus WareLBDAL7$1.5$2.1$3.5$1.0
Julius PeppersDLCAR7$2.0$3.9$8.0$3.0
Kerry RhodesDBNYJ6$1.5$1.7$2.5$1.0
Adrian WilsonDBARI6$2.5$4.4$6.0$3.0
DeMeco RyansLBHOU5$1.5$1.3$1.5$1.0
Kirk MorrisonLBOAK5$1.5$1.4$2.5$1.0
London FletcherLBWAS5$2.5$4.5$6.0$2.5
Reggie WayneWRIND5$2.0$5.2$7.5$3.5
T.J. HoushmandzadehWRCIN5$1.5$3.7$6.5$2.5
Will WitherspoonLBSLR5$2.0$3.6$5.0$2.0
Tony GonzalezTEKCC4$1.5$4.3$5.5$2.5
Joseph AddaiHBIND4$1.0$2.3$3.0$1.0
Jon KitnaQBDET4$2.5$1.1$2.0$0.5
Lofa TatupuLBSEA4$1.5$2.5$3.5$0.5
New England Offensive LineOLNEP4$2.0$3.0$5.5$0.5
Robert MathisDLIND4$1.5$3.5$5.0$3.0
Ronde BarberDBTBB4$2.5$5.1$5.5$5.0
Donald DriverWRGBP4$2.0$3.9$7.0$2.0

* All salaries $M/Y
Returning Contracts
The top 20 returning players show a definite bias to offensive Super Stars - not surprisingly people have to commit long-term to offensive talent in order to get a hold of it in the first place. There aren't too many players in this list that you wouldn't want to lock-up long-term, with the notable exception of Culpepper who shows the danger in offering the Super Star contract.

LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC34$15.22.81
Peyton ManningQBIND34$
Chad JohnsonWRCIN33$9.32.70
Reggie BushHBNOS33$
Steven JacksonHBSLR31$
Larry JohnsonHBKCC31$
Torry HoltWRSLR31$8.72.60
Steve SmithWRCAR30$7.82.70
Donovan McNabbQBPHI30$
Marvin HarrisonWRIND30$
Shawne MerrimanDLSDC30$4.230.2
Larry FitzgeraldWRARI29$7.42.90
Shaun AlexanderHBSEA29$14.22.70
Randy MossWRNEP29$7.72.60
Carson PalmerQBCIN29$10.52.80
Troy PolamaluDBPIT28$4.52.80
Eli ManningQBNYG28$
Daunte CulpepperQBOAK28$
Roy WilliamsWRDET28$
Ronnie BrownHBMIA28$

* All salaries $M/Y

Most Frequently Signed Players

The top 20 most frequently signed players during the Football 2006 FABs shows a good balance between mid-range defensive and offensive players. The people who bought into the Tony Romo bandwagon will have to be quite happy with his early performance.

Mark AndersonDLCHI46$2.320
Marques ColstonWRNOS45$
Bryan ThomasDLNYJ44$2.61.80
Calvin JohnsonWRDET44$
Tony RomoQBDAL44$
Jerricho CotcheryWRNYJ43$2.81.80
Kamerion WimbleyDLCLE43$2.42.10
Gerald HayesLBARI43$2.11.50
Sean JonesDBCLE43$3.11.80
New Orleans Offensive LineOLNOS42$
Mathias KiwanukaDLNYG42$1.51.50
Asante SamuelDBNEP42$4.020
Bernard BerrianWRCHI42$
Andre CarterDLWAS42$1.41.30
Devery HendersonWRNOS42$2.01.60
Adrian PetersonHBMIN42$
Alex SmithQBSFF42$3.020.2
Maurice DrewHBJAC42$
Tamba HaliDLKCC42$3.02.30
Travis HenryHBDEN41$

* All salaries $M/Y

Top 20 Contracts Offered

The top 20 individual contracts offered during the FAB evokes thoughts of highly paid CEO's and amounts of money that I can scarcely fathom. I suppose that's why they call it fantasy football. Tomlinson, closely followed by Manning, lead the way in the mega-contracts. Let's hope for those who spent the cash that it pays off, and for the rest of us that the $0.5M/Y halfback sleeper makes your resistance to upping that final offer worth while.

PlayerPosTeam $YPB
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$37.53N
Peyton ManningQBIND$33.03Y
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$25.03Y
Tom BradyQBNEP$21.53N
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$21.03N
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$21.03Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$21.03Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$21.03Y
Drew BreesQBNOS$20.03N
Steven JacksonHBSLR$20.03Y
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$20.03Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$20.03Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$19.03Y
Shaun AlexanderHBSEA$19.01N
Shaun AlexanderHBSEA$19.02Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$19.03Y
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$19.03Y
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$19.03Y
Peyton ManningQBIND$18.53Y
LaDainian TomlinsonHBSDC$18.53Y

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