Monday, August 06, 2007

gamedayritual Football 2007 Pricing

gamedayritual is pleased to announce our pricing details for the 2007 Football season. As gamedayritual continues to evolve, so too will its offerings to users.

Lite and Standard Teams

For the first time in 2007, gamedayritual is offering two different types of teams: Lite and Standard. While there are no differences in game play capability, Lite teams offer a price break for users, at the exclusion of the Tools and Assistant GM functionality. An ideal option for someone looking to get in the game and cut costs. The Standard team offers the 'traditional' gamedayritual experience, including the full Tools and Assistant GM functionality.

2007 Lite* Football Team: $14.95 USD

2007 Standard Football Team: $24.95 USD

* Mid-season upgrades from Lite to Standard Teams will be available

Users Become Members

gamedayritual users are keen, loyal, and often don't settle for just one team. And so for the first time in 2007 we will be offering full Memberships. As in many places, membership has its privileges, and gamedayritual is no exception. The Gold Memberships will allow users to create and/or activate an unlimited* number of teams for the Football 2007 season. Members will also enjoy a greatly reduced number of in-game ads. In addition to a Gold Membership, gamedayritual users will also have the option of choosing a Platinum Membership, allowing users to create an unlimited* number of Football 2007 and Baseball 2008 teams.

2007 Gold Membership: $59.95 USD

2007 Platinum Membership: $99.95 USD

* gamedayritual reserves the right to cap the number of teams in cases of excess or abuse.

Leagues of Their Own

gamedayritual users will continue to be able to purchase Pre-Paid leagues in 2007. Leagues purchased Pre-Paid will be priced at about $20 USD a team. Naturally if purchased by a Gold or Platinum Member, the Member's team will be free. Pre-Paid leagues will be available for Standard Teams only.

Leagues starting at $159.95 USD.

gamedayritual is excited to offer its users more options for 2007, and looks forward to a successful and enjoyable year. Signup for the 2007 season is underway here:

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