Monday, August 27, 2007

Assistant GM: Contracts Cheat Sheet

Its not uncommon to get into the heat of the FAB, realize you've lost out on the last three RB's you were bidding on, and panic. And more often then not, that panic leads to rash bidding which way overvalues the talent you're bidding on. How to avoid this dangerous overbidding, and sip from the knowledge of the collective? Checkout the Assistant GM: Contact Values report.

To find this report - and other handy information from your Assistant GM - click on the ASST GM tab, and look for the Contract Values report. (Note that this report is available from both your Football and Baseball Assistant GM's.) You can filter by team, position, and/or player name, find bargains and avoid overpaying for marginal talent.

If you're looking for the perfect Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet for gamedayritual, this is what you're looking for!

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