Friday, July 13, 2007

Football Front Page - Relaunched

As you've likely noticed, we've re-launched our gamedayritual Football Front Page on ahead of our Football 2007 launch. We haven't finalized the launch date for Football 2007, but I can tell you we're likely inside a week until we open for sales, and we're going to do our best to stick to that.

A few features worth mention on the Front Page. You can find links just above the "What's Happenin'" graphic on the right hand side which will allow you to toggle between our Baseball and Football Front Pages. Note that you can login to either your Baseball or Football teams from either Front Page - you can change teams once your logged in by using the drop down list in the upper right corner.

As well, you'll notice that we've released the Football 2007 Player DB including revised MinSal values for 2007. So you can start scouting your talent for 2007! You can find those files linked on the right hand side of the Football Front Page, or I've added the links to this post for your convenience.


Football 2007 DB, HTML:

Football 2007 DB, Excel:

Football 2007 DB, CSV:

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