Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Football 2007: What's New?

Front Office: Contract Extensions (League Configurable)

Before the season starts - users may extend a few contracts for a fixed amounts of money. You may extend as many contracts for as long as you wish so long as:

  • The sum of all extension years does not exceed the Total setting. (Recommended: 2 total years
  • No one extension is for more than the Max years setting. (Recommended: 1-year extensions max)

FAB: Bid Calculator

GM's can use the newly added FAB Bid Calculator to explore the effects of updating the amount, years and no trade clause your offer to a given player, increasing the visibility into the bid process and allowing for better team planning.

FAB: Blackout Period (League Option)

Between 75% of a player's total time On the Market (36 hrs for 48hr OtM, 18hrs for 24hr OtM, etc) and the end of their time, they will randomly enter a blacked-out deliberation period where NO changes to any offers may be made. Enable this setting if you fear "sniping" could be a worry in your league - or if you expect disparate Internet access amongst your users. This will force late bidders to get in before the 75% mark to be guaranteed a shot, and will hence allow other users some time to react.

FAB: Shorter FABs for Returning Leagues (League Option)

Returning leagues may opt to shorten their FAB since they will have a number of players under contract already.

Front Office: Transaction Duration (League Option)

The time that players are On the Market, Waivers Wire, and subject to Trade Voting. This does not apply to the FAB On the Market period.

Accounts: Memberships

Users can now choose to join as members with extended features such as the ability to create unlimited teams, reduced advertising and more flexibility. See here for more details.

FAB: Metering

In an effort to avoid degraded server performance, the number of simultaneous FABs that are taking place across gamedayritual will be metered this season. League Commissioners should be mindful of scheduling, and will not be able to schedule FABs during busy periods. Leagues where the number of GM's with gamedayritual members is 50% or greater will be exempt from this metering.

GM Rating: Updated Behaviour

The following items now impact your GM Rating:

  • Failing to sign a player you've made an offer to: -1
  • Signing a player: +2
  • Waiving a player: -3

Front Office: Trade Block

GM's can now put players on the 'Trade Block'. This is a space where players can be advertised as trade bait to let the rest of the league know you're looking to make a move. You can add players to your Trade Block and view who's on the block around the league on the Contracts page, and there's a summary in the Tools Tab if you're using a Standard team or a Membership.

Football 2007 User's Guide:


New for 2007: http://www.gamedayritual.com/football/help/manual.htm#New%20For%20This%20Season

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