Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Something for the Hockey Fans!

A couple of gamedayritual staffers came across this re-cap of the recently 2007 NHL Entry Draft. Here's one highlight amongst many:

"Good God, it's Wayne Gretzky! I didn't even recognize him. His face filled out. He looks older and more serious. He stole Al Gore's haircut. ... I mean, he suddenly looks like a wealthy importer/exporter or something. Whatever happened to the happy-go-lucky guy who wasn't afraid to break out blond perms and middle parts? He picks center Kyle Turris, who's so young-looking that I kept expecting the Great One to hand him an ice cream cone and an autographed box of hockey cards. Will we see one pick with chest hair in this draft? I wish I could bet Janet Gretzky on this."

For the record, I agree with the author's sentiments - Bettman's time has come and gone.


The Young Wayne Gretzky...


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