Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Poll: Favourite Ballpark Snacks

Partially as an experiment of a polling service, we've added a poll below asking readers to vote for their favourite Ballpark snacks. Of course, the question of favourite ballpark snacks is on the minds of all our users, and so we hope to get an answer ASAP!


raygarraty47 said...

I've never heard of garlic fries, but they sound great!!!

Anonymous said...

George you left out Nachos dude!!!

Anonymous said...

"Ray Kinsella: So what do you want?
Terence Mann: I want them to stop looking to me for answers, begging me to speak again, write again, be a leader. I want them to start thinking for themselves. I want my privacy.
Ray Kinsella: No, I mean, what do you WANT?
[Gestures to the concession stand they're in front of]
Terence Mann: Oh. Dog and a beer."

End of discussion!!