Friday, March 16, 2007

Limited Time New User Lite Team Special Launched! gamedayritual is pleased to announce that for a limited time new users will get one free Lite Team, which they can use to either join* a new league (private or public) or create a new league! A new new user to gamedayritual can experience the thrill of building their first new ballpark, the rush of their first Free Agency Blitz, the challenge of setting their batting order and getting the pitching rotation just right, and get so much more out of Fantasy Baseball in 2007.

Upgrades from a New User Lite to a Standard Team with all the bells and whistles will be available for $24.95 USD. Or, feel free to play for free for 2007! Click here to create a new account and get going today:

* New User Lite teams are not eligible to claim Orphan teams.

Build Your Ballpark: A hitter's haven, or a pitcher's delight?

Bid for a Winner during the Free Agency Blitz

Set your Batting Order

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