Friday, March 09, 2007

Handy Tools for FAB Scheduling

Around this time of year, the question of scheduling FABs comes up frequently and often. I've got a couple of (fully free, no account) tools that I use on the web for scheduling meetings and other events that you might find handy.

These two sites basically perform the same function - they allow someone to define a new event (FAB say) and then send a link around to a group of people who all register their availability. This would be handy for finding a window during which all members of your league are available. Someday perhaps we'll be able to add this kind of 'league polling' functionality to our site, but in the interim these free tools may help you out.

I must say that we have absolutely no affiliation with these two sites, offer no warranty or guarantee on their services and can't support you if you encounter troubles using them. But I have used both of them successfully over the past year or so to great effect.

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