Tuesday, November 07, 2006

gamedayritual Football Assistant GM

gamedayritual Football Edition includes a number of helpful analysis tools for GM's to assess their teams talent and needs. Users can access the Assistant GM functionality from the Tools Tabs on the right hand side of each gamedayritual in-game page. By clicking on the report name, users can launch pop-ups which will provide them with analysis of their league's Contract Values, Offensive Schemes, Positional Ratings, Possible Trades and available Free Agents.

In order to compare players across the teams in a league, gamedayritual has employed a letter grading system with A+ being the top mark, and F representing the bottom of the ladder. The ratings reward sustained performance, assess overall team strength and take into account the current depth of talent at each postion as well as your particular league size.

The details of each Assistant GM report type will presented in subsequent postings.

Monday, November 06, 2006

gamedayritual GM Cards

Did you know that gamedayritual has GM Cards?

If you click on a GM's team in your league's Team Legend - either for Football or Baseball - you will see a pop-up which outlines a given GM's profile. Information includes some biographical information on the GM, the GM's Football and Baseball teams, and a personal notes section.

Information is not displayed unless the given GM chooses to release that information on their GM card. To edit your settings, click on your own login name in the Team Legend table to bring up your pop-up where you can edit your settings.

Football League Home> Team Legend

Baseball League Home> Team Legend

GM Card Bio Graphical Information

GM Card Football Teams

GM Card Baseball Teams

GM Card Notes Section

Sunday, November 05, 2006

gamedayritual Baseball 2006 goes to Offseason Mode

gamedayritual Baseball 2006 has recently transitioned to Offseason mode. In an effort to make it easy for leagues to continue discussions over the offseason, and at the outset of 2007, we have preserved the League Home> Message Center functionality as well as your league's forum thread.

Additionally we have included an Offseaon pages with information on your team and league heading into the 2007 season. You may access your team's Offseason page by logging in at gamedayritual.mlb.com.

2006 League Standings summary.

Team-by-Team financials heading into 2007.

Players returning for 2007.

Contract Extension eligible players.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

gamedayritual Gets Graphic

gamedayritual has added graphs to our football offering. As a part of our desire to improve the user experience, we hope to expand the number of available graphs and eventually allow more customized graphing applications in order to track the progress of your fantasy team. See the screen shots below to see what we've now got in play.

Player Card> FP Bar Graph (click images for more detail)

Depth Chart> Positional FB Line Graph

Standings> Winning Percentage Line Graph

Contracts> Fantasy Point and Salary Distribution Pie Graphs

Hello gamedayritual Fans!

The gamedayritual blog is on the air... at least in quiet release mode. We'd like to maintain a blog as another channel - beyond our regular forums - to reach out and communicate the latest gamedayritual news, new and/or obscure features, game play insights and future plans with our users.

Plus, it seems like the thing to do these days, start a blog, and we didn't want to be left out! Truth be told, this is my third blog (#1 and #2), and I'm hoping to buck past performance trends and make it a frequently updated blog...!

We'll also have posts in here from the other gamedayritual staffers. The first substantive post is on the way!

Let the games begin!