Tuesday, December 05, 2006

gamedayritual Depth Chart Detail

On the gamedayritual Football Depth Chart page a brief summary of a player's details are presented, which allows GM's to access a big picture perspective on their team's overall form.

However, not settling for a surface level assessment, gamedayritual has also included a great deal of detail in a pop-up Detailed Position View.

This feature can be accessed from the Club House> Depth Chart Page by clicking on the name of each queue on the Depth Chart page. For example in the case of the Defensive Line players, a GM would click on the DL link. In the Detailed Position View, GM's can access a wide variety of detailed stats on each of the players at a given position.

GM's can also quickly switch between positions using the positional Drop Down List in the upper left corner of the pop-up.

GM's can re-order their positional queue either by Drag-and-Drop within the pop-up, or use the radio buttons on the right hand side of the interface to re-order players.

And of course, the Detailed Position View is the home of the week-by-week plot of player's FP's at a given position. This synoptic view of your teams performance is key to making sure that you've got the top performing talent on the field. The plots available in gamedayritual Football are explored in more detail here.

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