Monday, November 06, 2006

gamedayritual GM Cards

Did you know that gamedayritual has GM Cards?

If you click on a GM's team in your league's Team Legend - either for Football or Baseball - you will see a pop-up which outlines a given GM's profile. Information includes some biographical information on the GM, the GM's Football and Baseball teams, and a personal notes section.

Information is not displayed unless the given GM chooses to release that information on their GM card. To edit your settings, click on your own login name in the Team Legend table to bring up your pop-up where you can edit your settings.

Football League Home> Team Legend

Baseball League Home> Team Legend

GM Card Bio Graphical Information

GM Card Football Teams

GM Card Baseball Teams

GM Card Notes Section


GDR Owner/Champion said...

This is a nice feature you have got started here GDR....but I think you guys need to send a mass email out to all owners from your site. If they don't know that they have to "turn on their GM card" then nobody will be able to see them anyway. Maybe putting a "notice" on the front of every league homepage about this would be helpfull. Again, just another thing that a COMMISH would do normally, but due to GDR restraining Commishes we have to post on here like this.

gamedaygeorge said...

Sending out notification to GDR owners about this feature is a good idea. We'll try to get it into our Football 2006 End of Season Newsletter and our Baseball 2007 Start of Season Newsletter.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

just an idea here.... but the COMMISH could simply use the built in GDR feature to Email his league informing them to all turn on this feature if he wanted too.