Tuesday, November 07, 2006

gamedayritual Football Assistant GM

gamedayritual Football Edition includes a number of helpful analysis tools for GM's to assess their teams talent and needs. Users can access the Assistant GM functionality from the Tools Tabs on the right hand side of each gamedayritual in-game page. By clicking on the report name, users can launch pop-ups which will provide them with analysis of their league's Contract Values, Offensive Schemes, Positional Ratings, Possible Trades and available Free Agents.

In order to compare players across the teams in a league, gamedayritual has employed a letter grading system with A+ being the top mark, and F representing the bottom of the ladder. The ratings reward sustained performance, assess overall team strength and take into account the current depth of talent at each postion as well as your particular league size.

The details of each Assistant GM report type will presented in subsequent postings.

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