Sunday, November 05, 2006

gamedayritual Baseball 2006 goes to Offseason Mode

gamedayritual Baseball 2006 has recently transitioned to Offseason mode. In an effort to make it easy for leagues to continue discussions over the offseason, and at the outset of 2007, we have preserved the League Home> Message Center functionality as well as your league's forum thread.

Additionally we have included an Offseaon pages with information on your team and league heading into the 2007 season. You may access your team's Offseason page by logging in at

2006 League Standings summary.

Team-by-Team financials heading into 2007.

Players returning for 2007.

Contract Extension eligible players.


Brad Edmonston said...

This "offseason" mode is all well&good but owners still cannot make any moves, trades, stadium changes, etc......

Let's get this site running year round to keep owner interest in all leagues. There is a huge drop in owners each year due to the lack of action in the offseason so let's try and improve on that.

gamedaygeorge said...

We'd like to work towards a year round operation. A likely scenario is a short downtime - say 2-4 weeks - after the end of the Playoffs (Baseball or Football) followed by re-opening for off-season transactions. We also need to work out a pricing model for an active off-season status - it would not be as expensive as a full season's worth, and perhaps could be a flat rate for a whole league.

Concerned owner.... said...

Are you telling us that you are going to charge and "extra" amount to let owners run their team in the offseason? Why? Isn't $30/team high enough? That's $480 for a 16 team league.

I would be very dissappointed if GDR chose to charge teams more $$ for a few offseason moves.

gamedaygeorge said...

We are very conscious of keeping costs for the user low, and that is one of the reasons that we currently don't offer an off season mode - there is a cost to keeping the site up and running year round. That being said, several of the models that we have in mind for keeping the site open year round wouldn't involve any additional charges, and we're pushing for those.